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Posted by Harsh Choudhary on July 29th, 2019

As India marches to its destiny, we always seek to the emergence of a whole new breed who is leading from the front. These are the people who believe in themselves and know it is in them to shape the future.  For them, the past is a memory and the future is now. This is the NOW generation. They are influencers who are shedding their passiveness and inhibitions, embracing aggression and speed to catch up and get ahead of their global counterparts.

Seizing this opportunity India Abhi Abhi with its credo now or nothing takes the center stage of influencing the influencer, by delivering it’s most compelling and irreplaceable content to these viewers. The network has stamped its leadership to be an expert curator of segmented and differentiated content across news and entertainment.

India Abhi Abhi is one of the leading online Hindi news and information and tries to seek to inform, engage and empower India. Our mission is only is to inform, engage and empower the common public.

Our production and platforms take you to the farthest corners and to the end of the world, and tries so they bring the world to you, delivering with the fact content and services that enrich your lives, your families and your communities very well.

India Abhi Abhi is a digital collection of innovative and powerful news brand that always tries to deliver compelling, diverse and visually engaging stories on your platform of your choice. We are always here to provide you something for every day news consumer with our comprehensive offering that delivers you the best breaking news in Hindi.

Provide other segments from your favorite India Abhi Abhi News, live video coverage, lifestyle features, commentary and local updates within your phone.

We are impartial and independent and every day we create distinctive and content which informs, educate and entertain millions of people in India and around the world.

India Abhi Abhi is leading with its ground-breaking innovation and has being a disruptor that creates a new genre of content.

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