Wash and care for duvets - Tips from the professional:

Posted by markwahl barg on July 29th, 2019

It is spring, and they are all over again: the blankets hang over the balcony railings and out of the windows to ventilate. Blankets absorb a lot of moisture during the night. As suggested by Best Laundry Service NYC, it is right that they are ventilated and washed from time to time

Wash and care for duvets - Tips from the professional:

To get started with a complex question: Duvets are available with many different filling materials. Which are the most important fillings and which advantages and disadvantages do you think they have?

We essentially differentiate between blankets with down filling, which with natural hair filling and washable beds - there is the filling of synthetic fibers.

To start with these immediately: The advantage is easy to care. The covers usually just fit into the household washing machine and can handle a wash at 60 ° C. Then they belong in a dryer - only then they are full again. The modern synthetic fibers are an indispensable part of the clothing and there are also great fibers as bedding.

Then weigh 10 kilometers of fiber only 1 gram. This results in a light, fluffy filling, which also evaporates quickly with moisture and ensures a dry sleeping environment. Such a blanket costs but then depending on the filling level well over 200 Dollars and have nothing to do with the cheap blanket from the discounter.

As a natural hair filling is for duvet sheep's wool, camel hair, cashmere or used. Advantage: The blanket warms up quickly without heat accumulation. Due to the significantly lower filling volume of natural hairs, these blankets are very permeable to air and thus provide even for people who sweat much, for dry heat. For this, covers with natural hair filling are always a bit heavier and not quite so cuddly.

And that would be us at the down comforter. It is unbeatable in terms of softness and even in its warmest variant light and fluffy. Depending on the temperature sensation and sweat tendency, you have to choose the right filling strength, but we usually get that out in the consultation. We at Best Laundry Service NYC recommend a filling on 100% goose down, which results in a light, full-bodied and durable bed.

If you want to wash duvets professionally, do not hesitate to use Best Laundry Service NYC.

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