the Elder Gods power is in relation to RuneScape gold their age

Posted by Rskingdom on July 30th, 2019

My apologies if this has already been answered but I couldn't find anything on it.We know that the Elder Gods power is in relation to RuneScape gold their age. For example: Ful was born next and Bik was born fourth. Ful is stronger than Bik.What I am wondering is, are the Elder Gods the same every Cycle? This Cycle, Wen is the third most powerful. But would the'Wen' of that Cycle fourth strongest?In one Cycle could the'Mah' be more powerful compared to'Jas'? Or does it go by their abilites?As in is she always the brings another point to mind. Could the universes be different, if every Cycle they are distinct? If the Elder God of that electricity could be weaker in a different Cycle, could Universes be entirely different from ours?I might be wholly incorrect due to my lack of advice if I am please inform me. Please give me a feedback

During when I was given a blood character by Vanescula, the post quest I chose the Aegis one. Vanescula explained something across the lines of the it would not have been her choice but it's my funeral anyway.Those who have tried the other possibilities, is there dialog if you do select one that is her choice, or does the same conversation appear on all choices.

Hey all, I'm asking on behalf of a poor runescaper who has grinded everything for the master quest cape, simply to come up bashful 5 M. and T. Letter parts.I have not recently obtained any (the 5 I have are out of previous dunging randomly to buy old school rs gold other req) and would love to understand how other people have gotten them.Do you farm monsters and hope for the 1/1k drop? Do you rush flooring? DO THEY GIVE LOOTBEAMS???

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