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Reasons why services of an ENT specialist are required

Posted by calwestent on July 30th, 2019

There would hardly be any person, who at some point of his life or other may not have required the services of an otolaryngologist. Now, before one gets confused, here’s the clarification. An otolaryngologist is another term for ENT specialist who helps in treating ear, nose and throat disorders. There are ear, nose and throat surgeons in Los Angeles who also tend to neck and shoulder ailments, apart from ear, nose and throat.

There are two types of otolaryngologists, one, dealing in medicines and other, specializing in surgery. While, throat infections, hearing problems and nasal congestions, are some of the come problems as to why people seek guidance of an ENT specialists, there are various other reasons too.


Ear, nose and throat doctors in Los Angeles are known to treat disorders related to ears like, loss of hearing, balance disorders, tinnitus (ear noise), infections of ears and birth disorders related to outer and inner ear. Apart from providing medicines, an ENT specialist is also seen performing surgeries, if need arises.


One of the most common complaints related to nose is, sinusitis. ENT support is also required during problems like smell disorders, deviated septum obstructing the nasal area and various types of nasal allergies.


People seek consultation with an ENT specialist for throat problems like, disease of larynx, problems related to esophagus or aero-digestive tract and swallowing disorders. As compared to ears and nose, throat is a vital area, involving important daily activities like talking and eating.

Neck and Head

Otolaryngologists are also trained in treating conditions of head and neck conditions area like, facial trauma, deformities, cancerous and non-cancerous tumors and reconstructive surgery.

Listed herewith are conditions which call for the need of consulting an otolaryngologist.


Seasonal and perennial rhinitis, sore throat, laryngitis, hay fever and dizziness, are some of the problems treated in otolaryngology.

Reconstructive surgery and facial disorders

ENT specialists help in treating ear deformities, face lift, deviated septum, hair loss, drooping eyelids and cleft palate.


Hoarseness, infections, swallowing problems, sore throat and tumors, are some of the issue taken care by an ENT specialist.


This covers problems like hearing loss, pain in neck, face or ears, ringing in the ears, swimmer’s ear and ear infections.

Pediatric Otolaryngology 

Airway problems, neck tumors, asthma, tonsils, adenoid infections and sinus disease, are all covered under pediatric otolaryngology.

ENT specialists or otolaryngologists, as they are known, operate either from their private clinics or are attached to some reputed and renowned hospitals. An experienced ENT specialist is seen attending to at least 25-30 patients per day, apart from performing 250-300 surgeries annually.

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