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Evolutionary history of sex dolls

Posted by beautybarice on July 30th, 2019

As early as AD 3000, there were statues of genital worship. Most of the sex toys at this time were made of soaked or bones. Although there is no definite evidence that these are exist as sex toys, they can be regarded as A thought of genital worship.

Later, the shocking toys we all know were originally used in the medical industry.

Later, doctors collaborated to develop personal vibration toys. The more famous ones are inflatable dolls made in Japan to solid sex dolls. The humanoid balloon comfort toys are made of vinyl and rubber. They are cheap and easy to use. Blow it before use, it is more convenient to pack it up after use. However, this type of inflation is also very unstable and leaks.

Later, there appeared a life-size sex doll. In order to get close to the real person's feelings, the inflatable doll gradually turned to the development of the physical doll. The one-piece sex doll appeared, but due to the large size and the hard touch, there was a detachable combination. Sex dolls. However, there is still no significant improvement in the sense of touch.

It was not until the 1990s that silicone love dolls with elastic skin touches appeared. People began to use high-quality medical non-toxic and harmless soft silicone or plastic materials to create realistic dolls. Not only that, but gradually added to the temperature-controlled thermostat system is a life-size sex doll more realistic. It is now the best-selling doll.

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