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Posted by hussain on July 30th, 2019

DevOps is defined as development and operations. Understanding DevOps isn't possible without knowing DevOps lifecycle.

Here is a brief data regarding the continual DevOps life-cycle:

1. Development

In this DevOps stage, the complete development method is separated into small development cycles. This benefits the DevOps team to speed up software development and delivery method.

2. Testing

QA team use tools like selenium to spot and fix bugs within the new piece of code.

3. Integration

In this stage, new practicality is integrated with the prevailing code, and testing takes place. Continuous development is simply attainable due to continuous integration and testing.

4. Deployment

In this part, the deployment process takes place endlessly. It’s performed in such a way that any changes created any time within the code, shouldn't have an effect on the functioning of high traffic web site.

5. Monitoring

In this part, the operation team can look out of the inappropriate system behavior or bugs that are found in production.

How is DevOps totally different from Agile?


  • DevOps is concerning software deployment and operation groups.
  • It focuses on operational and business readiness.
  • DevOps emphases on deploying software within the most reliable and safest ways which are not essentially continuously the quickest.
  • DevOps, likes to divide and conquer, spreading the talent set between the event and operation groups. It additionally maintains consistent communication.
  • DevOps strives for consolidated deadlines and benchmarks with major releases, instead of smaller and additional frequent ones.


  • Emphasize breaking down barriers between developers and management.
  • Addresses gap between client necessities and development groups.
  • Focuses additional on useful and non-functional readiness
  • Agile development pertains principally to the development of the means is assumed out by the corporate.
  • Agile development puts an enormous emphasis on coaching all team members to possess types of similar and equal skills. So, once something goes wrong, any team member will get help from any member within the absence of the team leader.
  • Agile development manages on "sprints. It means the schedule is way shorter and a number of other options are to be created and free in that period.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers work regularly. They’re accountable for the assembly and current maintenance of a software application's platform.

Following are some expected Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills that are expected from DevOps engineer:

  • It able to perform problem-solving and system troubleshooting across platform and application domains.
  • Manage project effectively through open, standards-based platforms
  • Increase project visibility thought traceability
  • Improve quality and cut back development value with collaboration
  • Analyze, style and measure automation scripts & systems
  • Ensuring important resolution of system problems by using the simplest cloud security solutions services
  • DevOps engineer ought to have the soft talent of problem-solver and quick-learner

What is the future of DevOps?

They are several modifications likely to happen in the DevOps world some most outstanding are:

  • Organizations are shifting in their must weeks and months rather than years.
  • We can see before long that DevOps engineers have additional access and management of the tip user than the other person within the enterprise.
  • DevOps is turning into a valued talent for IT folks. For instance, a survey conducted by Linux hiring found that twenty-fifth of respondent's job seeker is DevOps experience.
  • DevOps and continuous delivery are here to remain. Thus corporations have to be compelled to modification as they need no selection however to evolve. However, the mainstreaming the notion of DevOps can take five to ten years.

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