How to Battling a Centipede Invasion?

Posted by gghbn on July 30th, 2019

Centipedes are also called hundred legers, hence the name "centipedes". They have many segments and each segment has a pair of leg attached to it. The first set of legs is basically the poisonous jaw just below the mouth. The antennas of centipede have around 14 or even more segments. These ugly grayish yellow or reddish brown critters need moist places to live. If you are planning to exterminate centipedes in house then you need to tackle the moist places first. Centipede control is a major part of pest control.

These creatures can be around 15cm long and they prefer to make their habitats in moist places. They prefer dark corners and crevices. When the larvae come out of the egg, it has only four set of legs. The larva continues to molt as it keeps growing, it goes through around five or six molts before it reaches its adolescence stage. The centipedes eat other insects. They hold their prey with their hind legs while they paralyze them with their poisonous jaw. Centipedes generally do not cause harm but they are a sure indication that you have moisture problem and other insects in your house.

The best centipede control way is to address the moisture problem. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity. Use a fan in order to improve the ventilation conditions. Make a thorough inspection in order to detect the presence of cracks and small crevices that can provide entry to any kind of insect. Clean away the areas where you stock old wood or bricks, leaves etc; these can act as very good breeding places for centipedes. Clean up the soil around your foundation for at least three to four feet, make sure it stays. Keep in mind that the soil should slope away from your foundation in order to provide a proper drainage system.

You can also use residual insecticide around on your foundation and also around it for at least 20 feet. Treat the basement walls and baseboards in the same way. Try using sticky traps to catch the centipedes and sweep up the live ones whenever you see one. No all chemical are safe to be used. They can cause harm to your pets and little kids. So, call up your local Pest Control Canberra company and control centipedes. If you can tackle the moisture problem well and stop the entry of other insects in your home your pest control against centipedes will prove successful.

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