What to Check Before Purchase Used Forklifts?

Posted by michelle Davis on July 30th, 2019

A forklift is powered industrially and is mainly used for the purpose of small distance transport of vehicles of certain load capacity. Buying a forklift is no small task since one may end up buying a not so useful forklift. A forklift is quite expensive and most of the people do not possess enough knowledge about it. People are well acquainted with what to look for while buying a car but while buying a forklift, a slight mistake would lead to a loss of many amounts of money. A detailed analysis needs to be done and shops for used forklift repairs needs to be found out beforehand.

Following is the basic checklist that one should make before purchasing a used forklift:

  • Clean and proper paintwork: One must always look forward to buying a forklift that has clean and accurate paintwork along with the presence of decal (if possible since it incurs more cost). One should opt for a forklift that has no cracks or splits and must come with warning stickers for better handling purpose. A few scratches or scrapes are okay to deal with, but it should not have extensive rust, large dints and over-sprayed Sint that are present in used forklift repairs Sydney.

  • A working engine: One should always check the engine of a forklift before buying it. The engine should turn on smoothly i.e. it would, of course, be noisy than a car but should function without any difficulty. The starter motor fires should be checked along with a quick lookup below and above the engine for oil leaks. One should also check if its odour-free, check the warm tailpipe once for blue or black smoke and the exhaust should be minimal if LPG.

  • The lifting gear: One should raise the carriage to the full height to check if the lifting speed is steady and constant. The engine should be run at full speed and then to idle to check that it still continues to rise without difficulty. Check all the movements to make sure that it runs smoothly without jamming. One should also keep a note to check all the visible hoses for leakage and should make sure that the levers move properly without any difficulty. To make sure about the hydraulic drive forklifts, one should drive back and forth to check if the operation is quick and smooth.

  • Lights and seats: One should make sure about the seating arrangement so that all the controls are easily available with the presence of a functional seatbelt and the seats should not be ripped or torn apart. A forklift mechanic Western Sydney should look for other functional things like light (especially the flashlight) should be checked for error and beeper or buzzer should get triggered on the engaging reverse.

  • Tyres and tynes: All the tyres of the used forklift should be checked for its functionality and all the four of them should be evenly torn. One should even check for the solid and cushion tyres which should be free from any kind of major damage. The other important thing to check is that the pneumatic tyre has adequate air pressure as well as the solid tyre should possess thread. The tynes should easily slide on the carriage and should be checked so that it doesn’t have excessive wear especially on the heels.

  • The fuel system: One should run a close check on the tank for cracks, check fuel lines and should also examine the cap area for damage in case diesel or petrol is used. If LPG is used, then one must look into the tank connector for damage or abrasions. One must examine that no smell or sound comes from the pipe and must ensure that all the tank clips are held firmly.

  • Battery check: One should properly examine the battery for damaged parts or missing caps. The battery should be electric-only and there should not be any kind of acid leaks even if it is a small one. Any installed water system should be checked for leaks, the outlet plug should be checked for damage and in order to ensure that the battery works, a charger can be used.

These are some of the few points one must keep in mind before buying any used forklift for work.

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