Dubai is: Guardian of Heritage and Arab History

Posted by Stieve Jack on July 30th, 2019

The UAE is respected with a rich heritage that combines design, sports, work, customs, explanations, expressive art, food, and places of centrality and archaeology, ways of life and qualities that are in accordance with Islam. This page aims to provide you with extraordinary research on UAE heritage and UAE efforts to secure it in the midst of the changes that are being pushed. In fact, even people from KSA or other Gulf countries are following to see the legacy of the Arab past in Dubai. They left their own country and land in Dubai because they had to understand the sharp spread of their culture in every Arab country. So, rent a car Dubai from any car lease in Dubai as they head to and after a smart break which is basically meandering in a country like free winged creatures who have a friendship with this pathetic culture.

Highlights of Arab and Islamic heritage

Some important things from the Arab and Islamic heritage are the environment, checking, family affiliation, and solidarity among individuals from the general public who are close to the respect and pride associated with being a touch of this heritage.

Endorsement of UAE legacy

The city of Al Ain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The social purpose brings together six desert gardens and the archaeological area of ​​Bidabint Saud, Hafeet and Hili. Progressively check out Al Ain sites and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Sharjah Emirate has extended two respected titles for bearing the light of the UAE's way of life and heritage.

Heritage Village

Heritage cities are complex structures that build standard homes, schools, markets, and open spaces. Needed after a copy of the structure in the last few days. All Emirates are not ashamed of what heritage city. Heritage cities offer checks of changes in Emirati life over a long period of time. Get answers about inheritance at:

• Abu Dhabi

• Dubai

• Sharjah

• Fujairah

• exhibition space

Build and maintain mosques

There are around 4818 mosques in the UAE that are opened in very important ways throughout the day to call for service, respect and hospitality.

• Al Bidya Mosque in Fujairah is the most organized mosque in the UAE.

• The Sheik Zayed Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi reflects the luxury of the composition style of the Mamluks, Ottomans and Fatimids. The late Sheikh Zayed, the holder of Sultan Al Nahyan, the structure of the President of the UAE, surrendered in the mosque complex.

• The Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is actually collected from white stones at the medieval Fatimid convention, by surpassing twin towers including important bends. It can accommodate up to 1,200 admirers.

These three mosques are open to being visited by non-Muslims.

Tips for non-Muslims to enter the mosque

A non-Muslim who wants to enter the mosque must wear a moderate accomplice. A piece of clothing must completely cover the shoulders, arms and knees.

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