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Posted by chaitali gawande on July 30th, 2019

Large enterprises and their numerous brands are usually present in different countries around the globe. These companies need to advertise and promote their brands in order to effectively compete in the market. Considering the diversity around the globe, largely in terms of language, it becomes cumbersome and difficult for firms to communicate about their brands to the target audience. Multi-language campaign platform enables end-users to create a single promotion in multiple languages in order to provide personalized experience to the target audience. The platform is not only beneficial for companies selling tangible products, it is effective for service provider or for any global event. Key features of the platform include addition of new languages, translation of all parts of the promotion, editing of each language individually, and defining default language.

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The multi-language campaign platform not only helps prominent global companies, it can prove to be an effective solution for mid-size and small business. Mid-size and small businesses might be focused at one particular location; however, the location itself can offer diversity in terms of languages. For instance, in Florida, U.S., Spanish is the first language for a large number of people. Likewise, a similar demographic can be found across several parts of India. Therefore, the end-user of the platform can vary from MNCs to small/local firms.

The global multi-language campaign platform market is driven by the expansion of enterprises in different countries and the growing need to customize or personalize promotional content. Companies tend to promote these brands/ products in the regional language in order to garner impactful reaction. However, it usually becomes quite complex to manage and translate the content into different languages when your customer is spread across different regions. In such a case, companies are preferring multi-language campaign platform, which is helping them to easily customize their content. The multi-language campaign platform is offered in a variety of ways to the end-user. There are providers that offer mobile apps for multilingual email creation. Furthermore, providers also offer multilingual content/ad platform that helps the advertiser to create multi-language and multicurrency product feeds.

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Advertising in the native language helps the brand to strengthen its connection with the target market and helps convey the intended message in the right manner. It also makes the brand more competitive in the particular location/country. Consequently, companies are expected be adopt the multi-language campaign platform, which in turn is projected to fuel the demand for such platforms and offer significant opportunity to vendors in the market.

The players operating in the global market are continuously focusing on improving their platform and associated services in order to effectively cater to the requirements of clients and consolidate their position in the market. The global comprises a large number of small- to medium-size players. Competition is expected to intensify owing to the entry of new players in the market. Players operating in the market would have to continuously update their platform and improve the overall pricing structure in order to gain larger market share.

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