Is Cloud-only Office Possible in Future?

Posted by Harpreet Singh on July 31st, 2019 or – Office is one of the most used software for productivity. Can there be a solution to totally making this product Mobile Friendly or Cloud-based only?

We all use Mobile phones and tablets, For work, for entertainment and maybe just because it is a luxury everyone can afford. Though the change in the technology of Mobile phones is really boosting and Mobile phones, Smartphones have turned even more powerful than 5th gen computers. The mobile phone tends to improve with time. This has given us the freedom to get more from our high-cost glossy handheld computers. Smartphones have risen from 1:10 to 9:10 and this keeps going bigger. Smartphones were a costly affair before some time, but now things have changed and companies are making smartphones that can run a Windows operating system within the budget of a common man. Though this is a good change but can be a bad one too.

Just like the smartphone market, the Software market is also buzzing with the need of having better and improved software. Software that can really make a difference to your experience, but it is usually hard to find one that actually has some real-life solution to a perfect software problem. Softwares are not just a thing of past but every hardware is now dependent on better and faster software that can actually make life easier. With everything on the table, a software company, one of the biggest in the market is in an effort to make its software better. Microsoft, a known name in the industry is into the race of putting a good productivity solution on the table so the common man can actually get better productivity out of it. Not just that, but Microsoft is among the top leaders in productivity and is always trying to improve the situation as it goes by. Microsoft recently pushed the cloud systems in the market to make the new cloud-based software the main and flagship, Though many have welcomed this decision most have failed to understand why Microsoft has taken such step. This is not just a step that can hurt Offline users but can also create security concerns in customers. Even some sensitive data can be damaged or data can be breached.

Microsoft Office is making sure that every step they take should be in favour of their majority customers but the customers who are blowing the whistle are really concerned about the feature. Putting everything on a cloud server minimises the hassle of carrying around a thumb drive or a data stick but also creates a threat that can put the user data at risk. So this concludes and it is safe to say that Microsoft will always find a way to keep the data safe but the requirement of an Offline software is much needed and hopefully will be provided whenever needed.

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