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What is Industrial Paint & Coatings?

Industrial paint coatings are product built specifically for their protective and useful properties. But while protection is their hidden goal, they can also be aesthetic. Most industrial paint suppliers used this coatings for corrosion resistant of concrete and steel; however they lie under a complex market umbrella and work in various areas. Additionally referred to as coatings, these industrial coatings product may be used for variety of applications.

Zigma paints offer corrosion-resistant industrial coatings to our valuable customers, as we strongly believe in providing supreme quality products and high quality services. Corrosion is big issue for many critical equipment and products. We are reputed manufacturer and supplier of industrial paint, which provide both chemical and corrosive protection. Thus we ensured protecting your valuable parts from degradation and various types of corrosions.

We are an industrial paint suppliers of all types of enamels, liquid paints, Powder coatings, metal treatment chemicals , aerosol spray paints, epoxy finishes, polyurethane thinner paints, synthetic finishes, heat resistant paints, quick-drying epoxy primers and quick-drying paints etc. Our products are available in different shades and specifications as per the requirement of the customers. They are resistant to high temperature and all weather conditions. With our industrial experience, we have an assorted range of industrial paints and thinners. We offer customized industrial coating solutions to various companies.

Applications: Industrial Paint

The most common application for industrial coating paints is to prevent corrosion of steel material and concrete. Another basic use is to make the material less vulnerable to fire or different dangers.

Industrial paint or coating is a defensive layer that is applied on Industrial pipe lines, gas pipelines, underground lines, chemical containers etc. the main advantage of industrial paint is it's protection from corrosion. Some industrial coatings are fire resistant additionally. Polyurethane, epoxy are the polymers utilized in industrial coatings.

Use of Industrial Paint

·         Industrial Machinery

·         Heavy Duty & Small Machinery


Specification: Industrial Paint

  • Rust resistant & water proof
  • Good Finish
  • Heat & chemical resistance
  • Becomes Hard when it dries
  • Long Durability


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