Warm Tips for iPhone LCD Refurbish

Posted by StevenHWicker on July 31st, 2019

Separating LCD and Broken Glass Step:

1. If the glass is too scratch and broken, please cover it by tape to make sure broken screen absorbed stable on platform during separating and it also to avoid remain the glass flake on separating platform after separating.

2. If you separate it by manually type machine, please ensure your two hands keep parallel during separating.

 3. Separating temperature setting at 80~90 degree is enough, if using too high temperature, it may damage the LCD.

 4. Please turn the separating wire back when it close to the flex, and take very careful for the flex, it is easy damaged by separating wire. iPhone spare parts wholesale

 Glue Removing Step:

1. If you use the roller type glue remover, it can protect your original polarizer film on LCD, then you don't need to replace the polarizer film, and save the time and money for replacing polarizer film, and the original polarizer result is the best. After you removing the original glue, you just need to clean the LCD by alcohol or other clear liquid item you have.

The longer removing roller normally can work at 6 months, but it should be changed immediately if it is damaged by broken glass on screen.

 2. If your original polarizer is damaged, you can remove the polarizer and glue together by the blade type remover machine, please put down the blade head gently and slowly, and wait for 3-5 seconds, and then you can push the tablet with screen uniform moving. After removing glue, you still need to clean it, please move the wiper to one direction when cleaning it.

The blade should be changed after removing 10-20pcs screen's glue.

 3. If you are good at using soldering device, you also can use the soldering device with blade to remove the polarizer and glue; you need a special mould to help you by this way.

Please don't keep the blade stay for long time at one position on screen when removing glue.

 This step take much time in the whole process, if you have more people, you can let 2-3 people work at this step to improve your work efficiency.

 Laminate the Film Step:

1. If your screen's original polarizer saved well at last step, then you just needs to put the OCA on screen, if you want to get high work efficiency, we suggest you use the film laminate machine in this step, here recommend two machines for your reference.

Some people like to put the OCA on front glass lens first, it is an easy and fast method, but if there is dust, you cannot see it. And we don't suggest you buy the glass with OCA attached, because it can't be kept for long time, the OCA should be kept in 6-10 degree condition, and if you already open the pack, please use sticker close it well before you put it in refrigerator.

2. If you need to replace the polarizer and OCA together, you should first put the polarizer on LCD, and then put the OCA on polarizer or on glass. You can use the same machines as above remind, here just tell how to define the polarizer's sticker side, some people say the sticker side with a line mark, but it is really difficult to define this line since the film is clear.

3. Before you put the polarizer and OCA, you should ensure there is no dust on screen, and also ensure the new glass without dust, when you put the new glass on LCD, please don't press it by your finger, if you press it and cause the air bubble at the middle part, that air bubbles cannot be removed by autoclave.

 Note: this whole step finished in dust free room is better.

 Vacuum Laminate & Bubble Removing Steps:

1. If you do a few piece screens a day, you can consider using the 2in1 vacuum laminate and bubble removing machine.

Both machines work good, and touch screen show in English, and they can finish laminating and bubble removing at one step within 10mins, they all can work 3-5pcs screens at one time, just the black one has bigger space to hold the mould for glass with frame attached, the white one cannot support it.

 2. If you want to do about 100pcs screens one day.

3. If you want to do more hundreds screens a day, you can consider using below machines for separately laminate and bubble removing.

The laminate machine's max laminate size is 14inch, and the bubble remover can hold more than 100pcs one time. But those tow machines request additional Air Compressor, and the laminator request additional Vacuum Pump. iPhone x touch test

 4. For all different machines, the parameter settings are similar.

Laminate Temperature: 30~40 degree is ok, if more than 45 degree, it will cause bubbles back.

Laminate Pressure: 2-3, please don't set it more than 3, too heavy pressure will damage the LCD.

Laminate Time (under pressure time): usually set at 20-25seconds, too long time will cause the bubbles back too.

Vacuum break time: Usually you don't need to change this time and just using the machine's default setting.

 Bubble Removing Temperature: 30 degree is ok, if more than 45 degree, it will cause bubbles back.

Bubble Removing Time: 10-15 mins, change it according to screen's quantity.

Bubble Removing Pressure: 6.5-7, usually the machine's default pressure setting is good, you don't need to change it.

This machine can work for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus. The top mould fixed on the machine compatible for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6 Plus/6S Plus, when you laminate iPhone 6 and 6S frame, you just need to install its top mould on the machine, please note just add and don't need to uninstall the existed top mould.

 This machine's moulds are very precise and it is easy to change the bottom mould, there is no need to screw to fix the bottom mould, that's why it is easy and fast to change the bottom mould for different mode.

 The temperature is 180 degree for iPhone 6/6plus, and temperature is 150 degree for other modes.

 When you check the frame attached with glue, if the glue is clean and tidiness, that is good one.

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