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Posted by Economyprinter on August 1st, 2019

Business card size is very important when looking to get new business cards or designing business cards Calgary. There is a size that is the most commonly used and it is highly suggested you stay within that size. The reason is that if you make your business card bigger than the standard business cards Calgary size, chances are the people who you hand your business cards to, will simple toss it in the garbage. And oversized business cards Calgary, although it attracts more attention, it tends to be less effective.

However doing creative things such as going a bit smaller than the standard size, or doing a die cut, tends to be very attractive and has a high impact in terms of marketing. People will find it more interesting and will likely keep it on top of their desk. Which is excellent exposure and marketing.

The Standard Business Card Size is 3.5×2“. When printing, most printers will ask you to include bleed, if you have background images that go all the way to the edge. This is very easy to setup. Basically you just need to make your file 1/8″ bigger per side. Giving you a total size of 3.75×2.25″. Make sure your text stays 1/8″ inside the final size of the card. So text should not leave the area of 3.25×1.75″. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will be able to help you answer any questions you may have.

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A very attractive business card size is 3.5×1.5″, which is called a “skinny” business card. Looks professional, attractive and stands out. The good thing about this size is that it fits on all the regular business card holders, pockets, wallets, etc. Making it very convenient but attractive. To add even more to the style you can choose to do round corners. Or get creative and just do 1, 2 or 3 corners rounded to give your business card extra style.

You can also make your business card completely square, which gives is an ultra-modern look. But try to stay within the standard business card size if possible. If you need to go bigger, don’t go by too much. Going to big you start getting into postcard/flyer grounds, instead of a business card. There are more things you can do with a business card to make it stand out than just size. Such as laminations, coatings (like spot uv), metallic inks, die cuts, etc. If you need some advice as to options and ideas to develop your business card, leave a comment below.

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