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Posted by SUDIPTA BASU on August 1st, 2019

Amongst all the cases filed in courts or other legal bodies in India, the commonest ones are civil and criminal cases. Whether it be a district court or High Court or Supreme Court or any other private law firms, civil disputes are heard everywhere. Issues related to property, business dispute or policy conflicts are regarded under civil cases. A civil case sometimes is accompanied by a criminal case; for example, if two parties are fighting over land and somebody from one side murders a person from the opposite party, then this could be considered as a case that is both civil and criminal.
Criminal cases are divided into several categories, on a broader level, juvenile crime and crime conducted by an adult are known amongst the people at large. A criminal case is solved by considering the seriousness of the crime, situations that gave rise to such a criminal mindset, and elements who forced or hired the culprit to conduct the crime. All cases are dealt with separate approaches and in some cases, the criminals are given chances to start a new life. Theft, robbery, pick-pocketing, murder, rape, domestic violence, etc. are among the commonly known crimes.
A criminal is not solely responsible for his/her crime but often the entire social set-up drives himself/herself for the same. Some conduct serial crimes due to their psychological problems, some do crimes out of greed, and a lot of reasons are there for different crimes. However, the lawyers who fight in favor of criminals are the ones who know that these people were misguided or did something under pressure.
Coming back to pure civil cases, these are mostly related to the rights of citizens. The disputes solved under civil cases are generally related to the right on a property, monetary value, etc. Such cases aim at creating a mutual understanding between the two parties and providing justice.

ATLANTIS LEGAL SERVICES's office all these matters get resolved likewise most of the Civil And Criminal lawyer in Delhi by following the legal processes in a proper manner, so that victim gets maximum satisfaction. Here are some of the Civil And Criminal Litigation Services our civil lawyer in Delhi provides:
Consumer Protection
Benami Transaction
Easements Litigation
Land Acquisition
policy conflicts
Right to Freedom
To start a common claim in government court, the offended party documents a grievance with the court and "serves" a duplicate of the protest on the respondent. If you are involved in a civil or criminal dispute, get in touch with the professionals at ATLANTIS LEGAL SERVICES. We will give you legal advice on your rights, responsibilities and the right course of action.
Visit on ATLANTIS LEGAL SERVICES's office contact you and schedules your free consultation. During your free case evaluation, we will get to know you and the Problem, along with other important information which will help us determine how we may best help you. This confidential consultation is an important first step in becoming and staying that way.

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