Fix HP Printer Error 40 Data transfer Error

Posted by HP Printer Customer Service on August 2nd, 2019

The connecting between your HP Printer and your computer is essential to ensure the smooth transfer of data. The computer and printer should be able to share data, such as print commands if you want to complete your printing tasks. However, there are times when the computer and printer connection is broken because of technical or hardware errors. This article will give you a general overview of how you can restore the HP Printer connects and fix the data transfer error. Since different HP Printer models have different troubleshooting steps, it is best that you call the hp printer customer support number and speak to an experienced printer expert to learn more about the exact steps you need to follow.

Steps to fix HP Printer Error 40 Data Transfer

The HP Printer Error Code 40 breaks the connection between your printer and your computer and does not allow you to give any print commands. You can have a look at the basic troubleshooting steps given below to try and resolve HP Printer Error 40:

  •         Step 1: The baud rate is an indication of the speed of data transmission. You should make sure your computer and HP Printer have the same baud rate.
  •         Step 2: You could also try turning off your HP Printer and then reseating the network card to restore the data transmission.
  •         Step 3: Make sure all the cables of your HP Printer are connected to the correct EIO (Enhanced Input/Output) ports.
  •         Step 4: At the same time, you should also see that the EIO (Enhanced Input/Output) is seated properly, and there is no interference.
  •         Step 5: Check the serial configuration on your HP Printer and make sure it is the same as the computer.
  •         Step 6: Have a look at the MIO (Modular Input/Output) card on your HP Printer and make sure it is not unseated or defective.
  •         Step 7: Visit the HP Customer downloads page and make sure you install the latest firmware updates for your HP Printer.
  •         Step 8: Ensure that all the connecting cables between your HP Printer and computer and secure.

If you find that the HP Printer Data Transfer error persists even after you implemented the steps mentioned above you will have to troubleshoot the error using a more advanced solution. You can call the hp printer tech support numberand consult a skilled printer technician to get a detailed guide on how to apply the required solutions to resolve HP Printer Error Code 40 once and for all. The customer helpline number is available 24 hours a day so that you can resolve any printer error related to your HP devices without too much hassle.

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