Different Categories of Newspaper ads to Book Advertisement in Newspaper

Posted by john Karen on August 2nd, 2019

Making any business profitable is all about targeting the right audiences. Now, the question arises, how to target the audiences?

There are various ways to target the audiences but among all newspaper advertisement is the old yet gold trend to boom your business revenue multiple times by advertising your business. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can choose the different types of advertisements. Let’s check out the different types of newspaper advertisements and find which can suit you the most.

Classified text ads

 It is also known as run on line (ROL) ads. It is the most affordable and simplest form of text advertising.  However, if you want to make it more effective, at extra cost, this type of ads can be improved with the use of screen, background color, and bold text. Depending on the newspaper, in which you want to publish the advertisement, the cost is calculated on the basis of word limits or lines used in the text to promote the product or service. Such ads are restricted to be published on the classified pages of newspapers.

Classified display ads

Classified display (CD) ads are more alluring in nature and can tend more people to read out the content of the advertisement. It is more expensive as it allows the use of logos, visuals and vibrant colors to be more eye-catching. CD ads are charged on the basis of per square centimeter of the space covered. Classified display ads are also limited to the classified pages of newspapers.

Display ads

Display ads are the most effective and expensive newspaper advertisement as there are no restrictions to the size, color, page or position in a page they are published on. Display ads can characteristically contain text, logos, maps photographs, and other informational matter. Display advertising can be published on the general editorial page or the page next to it.

 If you are the one who is looking for newspaper ad booking agency in Delhi NCR, then you can search over internet. There are thousands of agencies by consulting them you can book advertisement in newspaper at affordable price.In order to search the best newspaper ad booking agency in Delhi NCR you can carefully look on the reviews, given by the clients of that agency. Also, make sure what kind of service they are offering and in which newspaper they can publish your ad.

Most of the agencies are working as ad booking consultants, offer ad booking in various regional and renowned newspaper. But, before hiring any one, you must confirm these aspects as after making payment, it comes on your side that you did not try to find out the exact info and due to which some problems are arising. 

Tell them correctly about your target zone and people. This will help you to bring potential clients to search about your business. Thus making the business revenue oriented. Taking the internet support is certainly the best and witty choice in order to hire the best ad booking agency.

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