Guidelines of Miqat or wearing Ihram

Posted by Ady Grewal on August 2nd, 2019

Wearing Ihram is the compulsory ritual of pilgrimage which is worn at recommended Miqaat (place if wearing Ihram). There are several Miqat of wearing Ihram such as Adni Al-Hal, Masjid Al-Sharjah or Hudaibiya, etc. yet they are specific for different pilgrims who come from different directions.

Guidelines of Miqaat:

• Wearing Ihram is not allowable before reaching specific Miqat. Passing Miqat without Ihram is Haraam (Prohibited), so pilgrims should wear Ihram at recommended Miqat except in two conditions.

1- If the pilgrims perform Nazr for example from travel agency Stratford before reaching Miqat, so it is necessary to undertake them at any place and it is not essential to restart Ihram in Miqat. So when pilgrims distrust about Miqat or its similar place they can perform “Nazr of Ihram” before reaching the distrusted place. Also, they can wear Ihram from that place and there is no change between mandatory or Mustahab Hajj. However, Nazr of wife does not create a problem if it doesn’t distract her spouse.

• Specific Miqat must be confirmed by certainty among the pilgrims of that place or at least testification of one impartial pilgrim. Despite confirming, if there is any hesitation, so wearing Ihram is not permissible, apart from by performing Nazr.

•Pilgrims who are not well-familiar about Miqat cannot wear Ihram based on the appearance of the guide or leader of procession who assumes Miqat. But, if the leader or guide has confirmation then pilgrims should follow them. 

• Passing Miqat without Ihram is not permissible unless pilgrims have confirmed about another Miqat on the way.

• It is not permissible to delay Ihram at Miqat deliberately.

• Pilgrims who go to Mecca to perform Umrah al-Mufradah, they should go to one of the famous Miqats. They are not allowed to pass Miqat without Ihram. If they pass the recommended Miqat without Ihram, so it is mandatory for them to return to the Miqat in order to wear Ihram.

• If pilgrims pass Miqat without Ihram as they have confirmed about the next one, so it is not essential for pilgrims to return to Miqat.

• If pilgrims do not wear Ihram in ignorance, so they can wear Ihram as they remember. However, they should wear it out of the Haram but if there is no possibility they can wear at the place where they recall.

• When pilgrims neglect Ihram in ignorance and differentiate the matter after completing the acts, so their then acts are correct.

• If Pilgrims arrive Mecca through cheap umrah package 2020 UK with Ihram of Umrah al-Tamatu’, so it is permissible for them to deliberate it as Umrah al-Tamatu if the months are running of Hajj (Shawwal, Dhu’l-Qa’dah and Dhu’l-Hijjah) and they should perform Hajj al-Tamatu’ as well.

• When a women pilgrims are in their menstruation period, so they are not allowed to wear Ihram. Yet after completing the cycle they should reach Miqat and wear Ihram in order to complete the pilgrimage. If there is no possibility to return the recommended Miqat, so they are allowed to wear ihram wherever they have placed.

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