Times of acceptance of Dua

Posted by Ady on August 2nd, 2019

Dua or Prayer is the act of man which is performed to get Divine focus in order to fulfill the legal desire or wish. It is a very personal form of communication between God and man. In Islamic theology, Dua is considered a direct link to God after performing the supplications which please Him a lot. Dua is the most efficient way to get the salvation and removal of sins.

Whenever Muslims find themselves in some troubles they meanwhile make sure their concentration towards God. On the other hand, God also demands Dua from His creature either pious or wrongdoers. Though people who go to Hajj umrah travel make sure Dua in the Holy Kaabah. But there are some blessed spells which offer maximum affirmation of Dua by Allah-Almighty for those who do not have access Kaabah. Let’s see in what times Dua is fulfilled.

1. After Fard Prayers (Salah)

Fard Prayer or Salah is the second pillar of Islam and it has great importance in Islam. It was granted to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at the time of Israa when Prophet (SAW) requested Allah-Almighty to the forgiveness of his Ummah. And Allah-Almighty gave the package of prayers to Prophet (SAW) in order to please Him and appeal of something else. However, if Fard Prayer is in pure form, so there are several chances of the acceptance of Dua.

2. Between Adhan and Iqama

Adhan is the calling for prayer (Salah). When Muazzin calls for prayer, so the whole atmosphere has become blessed. Even the thief leaves the stealing, Murderer stops killing and dispute stops till the end of Iqama. So, the spell between Adhan and Iqama is very much blessed, so Dua must be performed.

3. During Tahajjud

Tahajjud is not Fard Prayer but it is the great supplication. Since it is performed in the midnight, so that is the crucial moment of profound sleep. Allah-Almighty so much likes those who do not love the material things. Tahajjud is apparently a difficult supplication as it is performed after killing the sweet sleep. So, Allah-Almighty grants a huge reward and fulfills what man says.

4. During the Rain

Rain is the great blessing of Allah-Almighty. It moisturizes the soil and creates several benefits for man. No doubt, rain falls when Allah-Almighty is pleased with men, so it is a big opportunity to appeal for something to God.

5. The recitation of Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the final words of Allah-Almighty which were revealed on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is the great Book of getting rid of Satan’s astray. Allah has a great love to the Holy Quran, so that’s why it was started to reveal in the Holy month of Ramadan which is really blessed month. As Muslims recite the Holy Quran they are in the sacred state because of having wudu, so Allah-Almighty does not reject the Dua after reciting it.

6. After drinking the Zamzam water

Zamzam water is the mandatory ritual of Umrah and it is one of the blessed waters on the earth. Zamzam water was spurted in the result of the great trial of Hajar when she made seven circles between Safa and Marwa hills in order to find it and to remove the thirst of her infant. So, make sure your supplication after drinking the Zamzam water.

7. Seeing death

Death is the horror moment as man is going to leave all his near and dears. Indeed the death is the message of mortality and the people who are around the man who is near the death pardon their sins inwardly. During the death, people are silent in work as well as wrongdoing, so Dua at once reaches to God.

8. During or After the Fasting

Fasting is the third pillar of Islam and it is mandatory for those who are physically fit. During the Fasting, man is in a sympathetic state and spends the whole day just for his Lord with empty belly and dryness. His aim is not just to live hungrily but getting the bliss of Allah-Almighty. So, during the Fasting or while breaking it, Dua is ultimately accepted.

9. While Traveling

Traveling or migration is so much liked by Allah-Almighty. During the traveling man is the guest of Allah-Almighty and he is in compassionate form. So, Allah-Almighty kinds on him and accepts his Dua. The people who make traveling through umrah package 2020 with flights, so they are under the kindness of Allah-Almighty.

10. During the Jihad

Jihad’s typically meaning are to fight against the enemy in order to save the country and true faith of Islam. Since the believer is being rendered the life just for Allah-Almighty and for Islam, so his Dua is obviously accepted. Moreover, the family behind Mujaahid is in hand of Allah-Almighty.

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