What are the generation sources of leather menu cover?

Posted by menucover on August 2nd, 2019

As soon as we hear the word leather something premium pops up inside our brains. Material of the same could be either of faux or genuine. But, what is mostly observed that restaurant, bakery and hotel owners picks the mediocre version of fabrics to cover their menus. For a few moments they skip this urgency by underestimating the importance of leather menu cover until their customer reach lowers down to least. In this words collector page, we will know how the different types of leather affects the fan base of your eatery brand. Leather menu cover is loved by customers due to its flexible and durable quality. Tanning animals skin results in the obtainment of the fine sort of leather which are further used in various commodities manufacture.   


Leather menu covers are made from four of its type i.e.,


1 Full grain leather - Well-known for its smooth surface, this leather has none of defects and disadvantages. Machine or man processes like snuffing, sanding and buffing are applied on it to negligible for the removal of natural stains and marks from the surface. You will get many copies of such leather menu cover on Menucover.net at fixed price. As no event of eradication of grains takes place, its fibers remain stable and durable. This kind of leather falls in the category of breathable leather and so less moisture could be noticed from any prolonged contact. Leather menu cover stitched from full grain leather does not wear out easily as a thin layer is developed on its outer touch to protect from damage driven by wearing or corroding. Like leathers, provides an aesthetic look on visual.            


2 Top grain leather - This is recognized as the second highest quality of leather in the high-end division of leather menu covers. Because of layers separation, it appears thin and slim. Surface of named leather is sanded and a finish coat is implemented for building it less breathable. Plastic feel is then acquired which makes it seem cooler. In it too, availability of protection feature from damage and corrosion is accessible. For the reason of additional coating, it has better stain resistance ability and is less in price than that of full grain leather. Since this form of leather is available with ease in the market, overly people prefer buying top grain 8 leather menu cover as primary choice.           


3 Genuine leather - Leather menu covers made from real leather is lowest in quality standards in its class. Leftovers after formation of high end products, manufactures this quality of leather. Covers of menu composed from this leather is less pleasing to eyes and lasts less than full grains one.       


4 Corrected grain leather - Seen as the least good quality of leather among all, it is repaired and fixed by well versed leather craftsmen for bringing the improvement in the functionality and aesthetics properties. This pattern of leather is topped by artificial grains and dressed perfectly using dyes. Imperfections in this model of leather menu cover is corrected by sand off process.   



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