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Posted by mizman on August 2nd, 2019

The pleasures of gardening are as many as the wide variety of plants and flowers that, with a little care and continuous maintenance, turn any piece of land into an enchanted garden. For the proper maintenance and care of your garden it is important that you know the types of plants you grow and your nutrient, water and lighting needs to keep them healthy throughout the year. A good gardener will know how to give you good tips and perform all the necessary procedures to maintain the beauty of your garden.

Here are some tips and cautions:

  • Special attention should be given to weeds that grow throughout the year and take up the space of your plants. They can be removed mechanically, by hand or even with a small hoe.

  • The soil needs to be fertilized three to four times a year. Each plant requires a type of fertilizer, so seek guidance from those who purchased them on these care, know the type and amount of fertilizer needed, and the best time of year for fertilization.

  • Once a month it is important for a gardeningcompany or a skilled gardener to apply specific poisons in the gardens to fight fungi and pests. If done wrong, this process can cause the plants to die and even endanger the health of those who did the work and the residents.

  • Pruning also requires care and some technical knowledge, as it can cause the plant to die. Ideally they should be pruned by a gardener. Molded ones, such as boxwoods, can be pruned more easily and without risk.

  • Regardless of the season, garden maintenance in small to medium-sized condominiums should be done once a month, specifically during dry or dry periods when irrigation is an important procedure to be performed periodically.

  • Winter is the climatic season of the year that most affects the plants, so it is important that the lawn is covered with substrate or sieved mixed soil to maintain moisture and strengthen the root system, and perform pruning.

  • It is in the fall that should be done to clear beds and specific chemical fertilization; Spring and summer are the times for grass pruning, new chemical fertilizers peculiar to each species and soil pH correction if necessary.

  • Pay attention in spring and summer, when diseases and pests arise due to warmer weather and early rains.

  • It is always necessary to renew the amount of soil organic matter, as well as to correct possible irregularities.

When buying the plant, ask for care information for its maintenance. Each species requires specific treatments, so try to know:

- If the plant prefers the sun or shade

- How many times a week should she water?

- The type of pot and soil for your planting

- If the plant is evergreen or has phases

- When choosing a seedling, prefer the ones that are more flowery and with the most vigorous and spotless leaves. Be sure to look carefully if none have insects that can go to other plants and cause problems.

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