How To Properly Apply Nail Polish

Posted by basshopper on August 3rd, 2019

One of the basic keys of a correctly executed manicure is to know how to properly apply an enamel. This will depend on the duration of the same and therefore the degree of customer satisfaction. But something that seems so obvious hides its secrets. So today we are going to reveal the essentials so that the enamel no longer has any secret for you.

Bases semipermanentes

Nail Preparation
This point is key to be able to apply the enamel correctly. If the cuticle is not properly pushed and the surface of the nail completely clean, we will have difficulties at the time of application. For this we can use a metallic pusher or an orange stick before application of an emollient product that will have the purpose of softening the cuticle and the eponychium for its easy removal. Once this operation is carried out, it is important to remove all kinds of impurities, dust and fatty remains from the surface of the nail . We will use a cotton impregnated with a cleanser or cleaner before applying the base coat before the color.

Application Of The Base Layer
The base coat or base coat enamel has several functions: preserve the nail, get the colored enamel to adhere better to the nail and last longer, treat the nail if it is too soft, dehydrated or open in layers ... There is a wide range of bases in the market depending on the needs of each type of nail. It is important a correct diagnosis of the nail and to know what type of base is the most appropriate in each case. It is necessary to apply it with as much precision and care as if it were a red enamel, wherever the base arrives, the color will arrive. We must cover 100% of the free surface without touching the area of the eponychium, delimit the edges well and seal the free edge correctly.

As a rule it is always applied in 2 layers. This allows the color to take on all its depth and body. We must not forget to shake the canister well so that the pigments and solvents mix correctly, especially if the enamel has not been used for a while. With a little training we will learn to take the correct amount of enamel on the brush and apply it in 3 or 4 passes by sealing the free edge well . It is better to go slowly so you do not have to touch up or touch the edges but approaching the maximum. We will let dry each layer at least a couple of minutes before applying the next one. We can accelerate drying with a fan or nail dryer. This point is key to not take unpleasant surprises since the enamels are dried by evaporation of the molecules of the solvents that compose it. If we do not give the drying time to each layer is not worth anything to put under the fan after having applied the brightness.

And we reach the last layer or top coat. Also indispensable stage if we want to provide long life to our enamel. This layer helps to seal the colour, give it more shine, protect it and ultimately last longer on the nail. There are also several types of top coats: extreme shine, fast drying and ultra fast, matt, 3 in 1, with effects ... etc. I recommend that if we apply a quick-drying base, a few days later, another gloss will be applied to extend the duration of the manicure. Ultra-important is to completely cover 100% of the surface of the nail without touching the edges but by sealing the free edge well.

If we respect these basic slogans we can perform a quality glaze that lasts at least a week, sometimes much more when the nails are in perfect condition and the right products are chosen. So now ... to practice!

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