6 Common Metal Sheet Fabrication Services

Posted by Classic Sheet Metal on August 3rd, 2019

Where ever you look, in almost every industry and residential area metal plays a major role, making our day to day life easier. Whether it is appliances, light fixtures or desk tools, chairs, and utensils, metal is one of the primary elements in all. If you are wondering how metal fabrication plays a role in it? Let us explain!

Turning raw metals into pre-made shapes for assembly use are done through metal fabrication. The entire work is done in a fabrication facility because the process is complex and cannot be done by anyone. Listed below are six types of fabrication services offered by a sheet metal company .

Sheet Metal Punching Service

Sheet metal punching turrets have the ability to process the most intricate formed features, perforations and patterns using high speed precision. It is an efficient way to produce precision fabricated metal products with many holes. Many sheet metal punching service providers can also form countersinks, embossments, extrusions, and louvers that are perfect for customized metal products with perforated hole patterns, part number stamps, countersunk holes, etc.

Metal Laser Cutting Services

In this process, a laser programmed by a computer to cut materials is used. Sheet metal CNC laser cutting service uses a high power laser to cut the material. The material when comes in contact with the laser, it melts, burns, vaporizes, or is blown away by a jet of gas that leaves behind a high-quality surface finish.

Press Brake Metal Forming

From simple to intricate buildings, Press Brake metal forming yields quality assured parts. The extensive metal forming equipment when used by highly experienced personnel can produce a variety of shapes. With the use of proper tools and settings, the machine produces the same metal forming result time after time eliminating costly re-adjustments and re-inspections.

Sheet Metal Stamping Services

Punching is not the only way of the metal fabrication process to utilize a die. The work is also done through sheet metal stamping services. Every industry has its own requirements. Some wants hole punched but others want to raise a certain portion of the metal sheet without penetrating it. For this reason, sheet metal stamping company professionals are contacted.

Welding Services

This one is something that a lot of people are familiar with. Through wielding, skilled workers join materials. This work is done by melting the work pieces, adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material that when cools down become a strong joint.

Contract Assembly

It refers to a contract offered by a company to electronic assembly something for another company. This way the company assembling the product doesn’t put its brand name and both the design and brand name belongs to the OEM Company. This type of contract can be used for anything from single components to complete units.

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