The Perfect Homeschool Room

Posted by Charlene on August 3rd, 2019

It's the time of year where everybody is thinking about back to school.  And with back to school comes back to school shopping.

And this includes homeschoolers.

All over the world, homeschoolers are getting their homeschool rooms ready and organized for the new year.  

So what makes the perfect homeschool room?

The perfect homeschool room could be a dedicated space with desks and whiteboards and maps on the walls.  Or the perfect room could be your dining room table, with a basket of books in the corner.  Some homeschoolers find their living room, complete with a nice comfy couch, to be the perfect place to learn.

Wherever you learn, supplies are usually needed to enhance your learning.  And so every fall, parents search the interwebs for great sales and deals on homeschool tools.

And so I ask again - What makes the perfect homeschool room?

Wherever you decide to do the bulk of your learning, the perfect homeschool room must be comfortable and inviting.  This means bright lights (preferably full-spectrum) are a must.  Full-spectrum lights are great because they are warmer so they don't give you a headache, without sacrificing any brightness.

After all, how are you supposed to get any good reading done in a dark and gloomy room?

Comfortable chairs are also necessary for any young scholar.  Whether the chairs are soft and cushioned or hard and structured, make sure the chair promotes proper posture so you can avoid neck and backaches from sitting all day.

I was lucky enough to get a hold of some old classroom desks for my homeschool room.  You know the kind - the red cushioned chair with the attached, fold-down desk.  I was lucky enough to get a hold of 4 of these great chairs when a local school was getting rid of a lot of their old supplies.  These work great in my homeschool room because then everybody has a hard writing surface all to themselves.

However, you don't need a fancy all-in-one desk chair to have a great learning space.  A simple dining chair at the table, or folding chair at a desk, work well enough.  The important thing is making sure your child can sit properly in whatever chair you choose. (posture is important!)

A good learning space promotes a love of learning through educational materials.  Things such as wall maps, globes, and educational quotes scattered throughout the room make things feel more inviting.  And everybody learns better in an inviting atmosphere.

And last but certainly not least, a great homeschool room includes educational toys and activities.  Such as these great STEAM activities for homeschoolers for example.  Toys and activities that naturally promote learning are a must-have for any homeschooling family.

Once you've got all the big things decided, you can focus on little things.  Like binders and folders for paper organization.  Pens, pencils, and art supplies should also be included in any good homeschool room.

At the end of the day, don't stress too much about having a homeschool room that meets the standards of anybody else.  As long as your kids are comfortable learning there, and you have all the supplies you need close at hand, any room can be the perfect homeschool room.

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