10 Facts about Data Discovery

Posted by elain martell on August 4th, 2019


Data discovery is the action or process of finding and collecting information using business intelligence technology.

The expert system of data discovery plays an important role in cotemporary knowledge management and provides superior business analytics process which is beneficial for organizations and businesses in making highly structured decision.

In here we have provided you with 10 facts about data discovery so that you can get a good grasp on what it actually is and most essentially how data discovery works.

Top 10 Facts about Data Discovery


  1. Data discovery is a business user oriented process and not considered as a tool rather a system to collect data from databases into a single database so that the information can be evaluated instantly and just when required.
  2. Data discovery and database technology uses a number of intelligent techniques to capture collective information in order to for a knowledgeable base. In order to capture the tacit knowledge expert systems and extensive data mining is required.
  3. Data discovery is about discovering the underlying patters and behaviors in large sets of data which is impossible to be discovered by human management alone.
  4. Intelligent data discovery automates the routine task of searching required category of information and filter the information accordingly. This helps better electronic commerce and better supply management and better management decisions support.
  5. Well designed data discovery helps organization capture undiscovered and untapped knowledge. A governed data discovery framework provides managers with new insights for better business performance.
  6. The enterprise grade data discovery model uses expert intelligent techniques to capture tacit information that is very limited to human expertise. The information is captured in the form of a set of rules or a database software system that can be used by others in an organization or as a stored learning platform.
  7. The data discovery platform is a stored learning platform for managers in an organization and the platforms helps in navigating large amounts of data for easy locating and act on the information accordingly.
  8. Additionally, data discovery platform provide benefits to organization in making highly-structured decision and also enhances better enterprise wide knowledge management system providing value for businesses.
  9. A set of highly powerful enterprise grade set of data discovery tools are used for establishing a data discovery platform.
  10. Data discovery is changing the business intelligence and simultaneously  is going far beyond the contemporary ones.

The financial industries in Data Discovery Platform in Cyprus are using more specialized artificial intelligence and database technology to capture and discover tacit information. This in return is providing organization with newer insights.

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