KonMari Your Home and Make A Profit

Posted by Cara Palmer on August 4th, 2019

Have you read the decluttering guru Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method? Marie’s book is all about getting rid of items that don’t bring you joy.  You can begin the KonMari method today by finding items that don’t spark joy but might spark a profit if you sold them.

There are a lot of apps to help you monetize the items you don’t want. Do you have a storage unit, junk drawer, or closet that you haven’t touched in years? Go through it and check out every single thing that’s in it. Ask yourself, “Have I used any of these items in the last year, and will I ever use it again?”

1. Time To Sell

Just because you don’t find an item useful anymore doesn’t mean that it can’t be a hot seller online. Your old camera, video games, the designer purse you were in love with and then you weren’t, or that gift card you have no idea what to do with. Those jeans that you just had to have and now they don’t fit could be what someone else is looking for right now.

You can sell things like trading cards, watches, jewelry, toys, and more online

According to Facebook Marketplace, some of its top trending searches include things like dining tables, chairs, dressers, TVs, and toy boxes.

2. Sales platforms

There are a lot of places where you might sell your things, platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, and apps like Letgo, and Mercari. Do some research on some of these sites to see where the best place is to sell your items, and what kind of profit you might make after fees.

3. Sell Like A Pro 

In order to get top dollar you need to design your listing so buyers can find your stuff: Include your product’s brand, color, size, and description. Good pictures are essential. A buyer can’t see the item that you’re selling in person, so they rely on photos to help them decide what to purchase.

To make your listing stand out, including several photos of the item in good lighting with a bright background. Look at other listings to see how other sellers are doing it. Pay attention to which listings stand out to you and make you want to shop.

Be sure to list any defects that your items might have, you don’t want to deceive anyone. Think of this as an easy way to make some extra money. You already have items lying around your house so why not sell them and make some money.

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