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Top 5 DevOps Trends to Watch for As 2019 Continues

Posted by sudamjena on August 5th, 2019

While DevOps continues to be a high priority for businesses, there are five trends in particular devs should be watching for.

DevOps is a well underway in many organizations, and has been holding momentum in the last few years. In 2019, DevOps is becoming an area of interest for organizations looking for reforms. DevOps has introduced a wave of new collaboration between different teams, due to which the end-to-end relationship has emerged in institutional structures.

Given this style of DevOps, there is a connection between development and operational teams, which has enabled both groups to work as a single entity. Let's take a look at current DevOps trends that you want to look out for in 2019.

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Automation Through Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The continuous rise of artificial intelligence and data science has become a game-changer. Most applications are fueled by AI these days, which is pushing DevOps teams to seek out automation possibilities to find opportunities within their workflow streams. The goal of 2019 is zero-touch automation, with the goal of seeing how much it can be implemented. As the amount of data generated by DevOps increases day by day, there are many insights that can be run by the use of artificial intelligence and big data. Add a layer of machine learning to this mix, and you will have many tools to play with your data and generate useful insights.

Go Serverless

Serverless computing is no longer an intuitive invention; it has changed the way in which applications are being developed, tested, and operated in today's industry. Without the server, IT companies can measure their workload in the cloud so cost-effective solutions can be used. Companies can focus primarily on app development, while server provisions are taken care of by cloud providers and managers — the serverless feature can allow companies to pay for their use. Without a server, organizations can achieve professional agility, which can add an additional layer of efficiency in the long run. FaaS will continue to enable a faster startup time along with better utilization of resources and beneficial process management.

Everything as Code

There is no denying the fact that coding has now become the backbone of the IT industry. The future of this industry depends on the technical capabilities of the developers, testers, and people of the operation. Since DevOps is all about automated fixes to facilitate a faster delivery cycle, there is an urgent need to bring in the code which can easily be used to increase the efficiency of software production cycles and reuse the version to be done. The concept of "everything as code," which is included in the form of infrastructure code, is DevOps's built-in practice and it can be presented in the SDLC to create a wave in the DevOps world within 2019.

Embedded Security is a High Priority

Security breaches have turned cybersecurity into an essential in organizations. Through the implementation of embedded security, more and more cooperation can be enabled within the software development processes, so that the process can be efficient, effective, and remarkably uninterrupted. The mainstream DevOps will start using security as code, which makes the whole team accountable from initiation phase within the development cycle.

Continuous Delivery is the Continued Buzzword

Continuous delivery is another buzzword that will continue in 2019. The trend has shifted from continuous integration and is gradually moving towards a coherent distribution. DevOps is taking a more inclusive approach to the world of software development, and it will continue as the year progresses. In order to support and maintain this change, more and more companies will adopt tools to handle several sections of the continuous distribution process, including processes that create, deploy and deliver various stages within the software development process. The center of attention is on releasing.

DevOps is improving with each year, and a lot of emphases is being on the improvement of processes, to make the operation of DevOps even more effective and useful. The concept is no longer new; in order to take initiation and forward, enterprises should seek to ensure that everything is functioning smoothly as a systematic machine.

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