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MP3 to AAC- Knowing the differences between the two music formats

Posted by Youconvertit on August 5th, 2019

It is the era of smart gadgets where everything is accessed using these gadgets. It is common to play our favorite music on these gadgets. Also, it is common for the people to call any music file an “MP3”. But, this is not true. In reality, MP3 is only a specified type of audio file and if you are using iPod, iPhone or any other Apple device for listening to the music then there are chances that you are not listening to an MP3 file at all. In this article, we will highlight the difference between varied music files and the changes a music file goes through as it is converted from mp3 to aac.

Knowing The Mp3 Files-

The MP3 files can be called as the MPEG-2 audio layer- 3 file that is different from WAV format as it takes up less space. MP3s save storage space as they compress the data in the file. The compressing of the songs involves removing those parts of the file that would not impact the listening experience. As some data is lost in this file they are termed as Lossy compression format. These are opposite of Flac format. If you want to convert MP3 to FLAC then you can use the mp3 to FLAC converter.

Now The Aac Files-

AAC stands for advanced audio coding. It is a type of digital audio file type that has started getting promoted as the successor of MP3. The format is different because it is offering higher quality sound and uses even less amount of disk space. It is like MP3 a lossy format and therefore if you will convert mp3 to aac then the listening experience will not be hampered because the format will only remove that part of music that would not impact the listening quality of the sound file.

If you have been looking for a method of easy conversion then you can use mp3 to aac converter for converting the files.

So from the above discussion, the difference between mp3 and aac would be clear. Some other music formats that are worth the discussion are-

a)    WAV- It is the Waveform audio format that is uncompressed and therefore takes more space than the MP3 or AAC.

b)    WMA- It is the Windows Media Audio that is promoted by Microsoft and competes with MP3 and AAC. It does not work in Apple products.

Some other formats worth mentioning are AIFF, FLAC and many other file types. If you are looking for easy conversion of a file type to another then you can visit youconvertit. Also available at the convertor site are convertors like CBZ to pdf. 

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