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                     INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY


Technology is a set of knowledge and tools that helps make things too easier or resolve the problems.In other words, technology is the collections of techniques,methods and or process used in the production of goods and services or in the accomplishment of objectives”


Information technology is use of the computers to collect data or information in the context of the of business or other enterprises.IT is a subset of information and communications technology.

           Information technology is the technology to use in the many field to collect the information to different field like in study, medical,etc.Now a days information technology is very useful for students In IT sector. Information technology is the technology to gives the scientific knowledge about the topic.information technology uses in banks,education,medical etc.There is one IT department in every organization which deals with all work related to computers and makes smooth and without disturbance communications.Information technology also includes in management of data in all its forms like video ,files,data.Information technology also work on the security of the network of any organization. 


l  DATA PROCESSING : Data processing means converting ,computerizing and producing all types of data and information.

l GENERATION OF INFORMATION: It means organizing the information which is useful for us.

l STORAGE OF INFORMATION: It means to store our information for the use in the future.

l CAPTURE THE DATA: It is the use for capture our important data from different places.



In modern generation information technology plays a vital role.however if you are not in the field of information technology,you might know how information technology uses in your life.for those whodont know about the information technology is the study and use of computer for capturing and storing information.In this invoves software ,hardware and other applications.In the 21st century was created with help from information tehnology.Business ,education and healthcare all have been desinged by information technology.  

l IN BUSINESS:  In this generation of computer,the business world is growing rapidly with the use or information technology.using computers and software in the every type of business.They useinformation technology in a number of different deprtments.using information technology businesses can changes in the global market and they purchase software and hardwaqre that helps them get their jon done.Larger business have their own information technology department desinged to software and hardware.

l IN EDUCATION: In the world of education is changing the modern continues to grow.With the help of information technology education be able to reach the students in a different or online ways so that the students prepare for their future.The students of today's are the lecturer,inventors ,teachers and businessman of tomorrows world.

l IN HEALTHCARE: Use of the information technology have allowed for great reform healthcare.

l IN SECURITY: Whenever we do transaction done online it is very important to keep safe all the data  transaction related.

l IN FINANCE:Whenever we going for oline purchasing by debit cards or any other cards we need to our banking data secured. 


Information technology is a wide scope that includes various software packages and services.There are many types of information technology-

l Acounting packages

l Analytics

l Artificial intelligence

l Compliance software

l Data anyalysis tools


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