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How important is Customer Services & Role of Document Management

Posted by documentmanagementsystem on August 5th, 2019

Document Management or DM and Customer Relationship Management or CRM doesn’t only involve applying technology, but also offer a strategy for learning more about the behaviors and needs of the customer as a way of strengthening your relationship with them. CRM therefore becomes more of a business philosophy and less a technical solution that helps Organizations’ to efficiently and effectively deal with their clientele.

Similarly, Document Management involves the use of any software designed for tracking and managing documents in an Organisation. The main aim of DM is the facilitation of work with documents for the Organisation and its staff. It is important for all members of your Organisation to be able to work with documents as effectively as possible, on a day-to-day basis. With a Document Management System, you are able to achieve all this as it facilitates the Organisation and sharing of documents as well as allowing you to set up a permission policy.


DM is important for CRM as it allows for the distribution and safe sharing of proposals, competitor comparisons and other related documents to the sales and marketing team. The DM system allows Organisations to enjoy quick and easy access to vital marketing information within the Organisation in the following ways:

1. Sharing Content

DM allows for the sharing of content with the right people in your Organisation and team. This way, you are able to create folders, sub-folders, as well as share collateral with your sales team, based on specific roles in the hierarchy of your Organisation.

2. Sending Documents

With a CRM system, it is possible to email proposals to your prospects. All you have to do is attach documents from Google Drive or your local computer and click send.

3. Multiple Versions

DM systems allow the Organisation to access a single document in multiple versions. You can browse your document library, modify the documents and maintain multiple versions of the sales collateral of your Organisation in a central repository.

4. Easy Reviews

Customer Relationship Management also allows the Organisation to win more deals due to improved document quality. This is mainly as a result of the feedback and comments obtained from colleagues.

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