Quills and Quotes’ Public Speaking Program Gives Children the Secret to Success

Posted by quillsquotes1 on August 5th, 2019

What drives success in today’s world? What skill should children hone to leap ahead? Many people concentrate on after-school math programs or pay for one-on-one tutoring. However, the power that takes children and adults to the next level is public speaking. The ability to comfortably speak in a crowd of people shows others that you are poised, confident and knowledgeable. It is a valuable skill for board rooms, conferences, seminars and networking. Every opportunity rests on a person’s ability to communicate. Quills and Quotes saw the need to grow children’s public speaking skills and developed a comprehensive Public Speaking Program that teaches children everything from presenting with slides to the impromptu speech. By the end of the course, kids are delivering talks worthy of a TED Talk platform.

How do they do it? Quills and Quotes founder, Shauna Jain, explains their methods. “We begin by teaching kids the importance of a speech outline. A well-delivered speech is never memorized. It should be delivered with passion, for only passion will engage your audience.”

The program even borrows a page from Harvard professor Amy Cuddy’s research on power posing. Dr. Jain explained, “we were fascinated by the effects of power posing on the children’s confidence. Now we routinely ‘power pose’ before speeches. The kids love it, and by believing they are channelling confidence, they do channel confidence.”

The classes are taught in Mississauga but many students travel from Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Brampton, and Etobicoke to attend. The program is hoping to expand to reach more students. They believe all children should: Write.Speak.Succeed.

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