Find A More Rewarding Job Providing Live-in Elderly Care

Posted by Anna on August 5th, 2019

Find out about a rewarding job in live-in care that could give you the job satisfaction that you have always wanted.


Being a carer has always been thought of as largely associated with residential care and domiciliary drop-in care. However, with the growing elderly population in the UK, the lack of residential care places and the strain on the NHS from bed blocking, a different type of care has come under the spotlight. Live-in care is a fantastic care option that requires the client doesn't move from home, it requires they don't split from their pet or partner and it helps to ensure their safety, independence and quality of life because of amazing 1-to-1 care provided by professional carers.

Don't just take our word for it though, take a look at these statistics from The Live-in Care Hub 2019 Better At Home Report:

  • 19% of postcodes only have two or fewer residential homes for clients to choose from meaning clients have to choose places far from home, with live-in care there is no need to move out of area
  • Only 40% of residential homes can guarantee clients won't have to move if their condition deteriorates. With live-in care sometimes nursing care can be provided from a qualified carer, sometimes nurses will come into the home in addition to full time carers.
  • There are almost one third fewer elderly falls in live-in care compared to nursing home care.
  • Over half of those in nursing homes never leave their homes, with the opportunities for getting out and about being much higher with live-in care.

By working within live-in care or home care services you can know that you are helping the care crisis in the country and you are directly helping your local community. You are also going to make a huge difference to the life of the clients you work with. You cannot underestimate the value of a person being able to remain in their own home, surrounded by the things they worked so hard for, perhaps a garden they cultivated for years, neighbours they know, views they love. The value is not only to the client but to their family who get the peace of mind that their loved one is safe and happy at home.

Even More Benefits To You

As well as the incredible sense of job satisfaction that you get from providing care to a client in their own home, there are even more benefits to you in this type of job including:

  • Ongoing training and room for professional development
  • A good level of pay from the very beginning
  • The ability to save money on bills during the time you are away from home
  • The ability to meet lots of different people
  • A varied job every single day

The Next Step

If you are interested in becoming a live-in carer and making a real difference to a person's life, why not take a look into live-in care jobs. You can contact your local live-in care agency to enquire about live-in care jobs and how to make this next big step in your care career. Often there are no qualifications required and training is provided by the agency. As long as you are naturally compassionate, physically fit and have excellent organisation skills and willingness to learn, becoming a live-in carer could be the right rewarding job for you and an amazing next step in your care career.

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