The Benefits Of Keeping Your Mind Active As You Age

Posted by Anna on August 5th, 2019

Read about the benefits of keeping your mind active as you get older, with tips and information on how to stay mentally stimulated in elderly life.


As we get older it becomes more and more important to maintain an active mind. There are so many dangers when it comes to neglecting your brain health. Sometimes it can feel like physical health is the main focus when in fact both physical and mental health go hand in hand and brain stimulation is incredibly important when it comes to ageing because of risks like dementia.

Read on to find out the benefits of keeping your mind active as you age and to find out tips on maintaining good brain health:

Avoiding Dementia

Dementia is a risk as we age, but if you don't keep an active mind, the risk gets bigger. One risk comes from loneliness which affects a huge portion of the elderly in the UK and is known to increase your risk of getting dementia. Other risks include a lack of physical activity, Type 2 Diabetes which in many cases is preventable by avoiding obesity, and high blood pressure which can often be reduced with a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy mind with a good social life, a good level of physical health and a good level of mental activity will help you avoid dementia as you age.

Enjoying Your Favourite Hobbies For Longer

You can enjoy your hobbies for longer if you keep your mind active for longer. Naturally your memory will decline but by putting the effort in to keeping your mind healthy and active you can continue to enjoy all the hobbies you love.

Being Independent For Longer

Sometimes independence can be lost to a degree because of cognitive decline. The longer you are able to keep your mind active, the healthier it will be and the more of your independence you can keep. Live-in care can help support independent living if you do find you need care, but the longer you are able to maintain a healthy mind and body, the less likely you are to need care.

Enjoying The Memories You Treasure

Memory does decline with age, but the more you put into keeping your mind active as you age, the less likely you are to struggle with memory. That means maintaining access to the memories you treasure so much.

Staying In Control

The more sharp your mind is, the more control you have over your daily routine, decisions and over the new things you want to achieve like new hobbies, making friends and choosing how to live your golden years. Staying in control of your routine and your future is a huge benefit to keeping your mind active as you age.

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