Helpful Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Expensive Carpets

Posted by awcarpet on August 5th, 2019

Maintaining carpets can be extremely easy if you follow all the right tips and tricks. Carpet maintenance should be done regularly to improve the lifespan of your carpets and also to reduce expenses on carpet repairs. Here are a few helpful tips to help you maintain your carpets so that they last you years without any issues at all –

Regularly vacuum the carpet
Carpet fibers can trap a lot of dust, dust mites, insects and even fallen food particles in them. It is important to regularly vacuum and dust your Karastan carpet so that the dust doesn’t build-up in the fibers. Regularly vacuuming the carpet also ensures that is completely clean and no allergens build-up in the carpet fibers.

If you have kids and pets at home, this is extremely important to remove any fallen fur, trapped hair as well as sharp items that could be stuck in the rug hairs. Dusting the rug in your front lawn or terrace can be an excellent way to further remove any trapped dust in the carpet.

Put it out in the sun
Sunshine helps to kill germs and bacteria and putting your Karastan rugout in the bright sun at least once a week can kill germs, insects and even bacteria and mold. The warm sunshine will also eliminate any odors from the carpet and remove any traces of dampness in the carpets.

If the carpet isn’t put out in the sun at least once a week, it can develop a lot of mold and odor from dust and falling food particles. Water and juice spills can further cause fungus to build up in the carpet which the strong sunlight helps to kill and even prevent!

Steam cleaning is a good option
If you want to disinfect your carpet regularly for removing odor and stains, steam cleaning is a very good option. Warm steam kills bacteria and the disinfectant chemical used further prevents any build-up of mold in the carpet fibers.

The Karastan antique legends Agra black carpet can be completely disinfected with the use of steam cleaners and it won’t even fade away. Harsh stains on the carpets and rugs are easier to remove with the help of steam cleaners as compared to stain removing chemicals.

Professional carpet repair services
Don’t try a quick fix for your carpet tears or loose threads as this can further damage your carpets and rugs. It is always a better idea to go to a professional carpet repair company to fix your Karastan carpets for sale.

These professionals have years of experience in handling different type of carpet repair works and also have extremely skilled teams who stitch carpets from scratch. Be sure to check with the reviews and ratings online so that you get the right team or carpet repair workers on board.

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