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Posted by Official Vietnam Visa on August 6th, 2019

Business, at times, could come with exigencies attached to it. Of course, there’s always a provision for urgent visas with each country. Nonetheless, considering the hassles involved in the application and approval of a rush visa, it could be quite difficult to get one. Speaking of traveling to Vietnam, and therefore Vietnam rush visa, applying with the embassy or consulate would be quite of a challenge. But, applying it through OfficialVietnamVisa isn’t as difficult. In fact, not at all! The process is quite simple, and the approvals, in most of the cases, are delivered in time. Get more insights on Vietnam rush visa such as the process, the application fee, etc. through this article.

What is Vietnam Rush Visa?

Vietnam rush visa caters to the urgent or imminent travel requirements of people who wish to travel to Vietnam for business or for other emergency reasons, etc. OfficialVietnamVisa is the best and the most trusted channel to apply for Vietnam visa official. Urgent Vietnam visa with OfficialVietnamVisa is classified into two categories – Urgent and the Super Urgent. Urgent visa is meant for people who intend to travel in the next couple of days or so, while the super urgent one is meant for the ones who wish to travel within the next few hours or the next morning. Both these visa cases differ in the process, processing time and the processing fee. Let us take a look at all these elements individually.

How to Apply for Vietnam Rush Visa with OfficialVietnamVisa?

Applying for an urgent Vietnam visa isn’t really as difficult or hassling. You’ve just got to submit the application, within the stipulated time, and then you are done with your part. The next step is receiving the approval letter through the embassy/ consulate. Here’s more to the details of various elements involved in applying for a Vietnam Rush Visa with Official Vietnam Visa.

àUrgent Service

The application fee for the Urgent Service is 40 USD per traveler. Applicants are required to submit the application and pay the application fee. If the application is submitted before 9 AM, the approval letter would be sent on the same day by around 6 PM. On the other hand, if the application is submitted after 2 PM, the approval letter would be received on the next day by around 12 PM.

àSuper Urgent Service

This is an apt service for people who wish to travel within a few hours, perhaps, by the next morning or so to Vietnam. The application fee for the Super Urgent Service is 228 USD per traveler. The approval letter is received within 30 minutes of the application. The service is available from 8 AM – 11 AM, and then from 1.30 PM to 4 PM, barring holidays and weekends.

Official Vietnam Visa offers a special service for people who intend or who have to travel on weekends. This service could be availed by paying a service fee of USD 248 per traveler for applications submitted on weekends and after the working hours. Nevertheless, OfficialVietnamVisa strongly suggests travelers postpone their flight to next Monday, if it is possible and feasible. This would help them save the extra costs incurred in paying for the visa approval letter.

Is the Vietnam Rush Visa Approval Guaranteed?

In most of the cases, in fact as good as 99% of them, the approval letter comes in time. However, delays happening or rejections coming from the embassy or the consulate are not in the control of OfficialVietnamVisa. In such cases, OfficialVietnamVisa informs the applicants in advance and offers a 100% refund on the application fee.

So, why postpone or delay your trip to Vietnam, when serving the exigency is important? Apply for an urgent Vietnam visa official through OfficialVietnamVisa, and fly to Vietnam real quick! For more details, visit

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