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Posted by annil chauhan on August 6th, 2019

Monster Truck Racing - Extreme Offroad [ENG] [DEMO] / Meltdown Interactive Me

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Monster Jam: Urban Assault is a constant mess that incarnated on the streets of the city as large, ruthlessly shouting trucks. A fresh racing game from Pubg lite for PC the Monster Jam series is pouring out aggressive competitions beyond the boundaries of stadiums and additional highways. Your task is to arrange such large-scale destruction, which is only likely! Beat down, smash, press, grieve, and unleash your rage!

You can sit behind the wheel of the most famous tracks in the world. In your ruling, there will be Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Captain's Curse, Blue Thunder, and others. Also for the first time in Monster Jam history, Stone Crusher, Backwards Bob and Spitfire Monster Truck are taking part in the competition. Ruling large, productive machines, you can justify your advantage in speed competitions, focal auto racing and rampant competitions, and experience the power in updated mini-games.

Mortal Kombat [ENG] PS3

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Years later, the famous Mortal Kombat series came the way it was remembered by thousands of players. This is a ruthless, bleeding and inhuman fight for life and death. A fight in which only a strong one can overcome.

Shao Disappeared in the centuries to gain top over Raiden and his allies. But in the face of death, Raiden still managed to use his final chance to save the world. He sent a mental notice to himself in the past, in the era of the first championship, when the relics of the good were still ready to destroy Shao Kahn...

Mortal Kombat: Unchained / ENG / [ISO]

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War Gods: - the first three-dimensional fighting game, designed by the Mortal Kombat development team, testing the pen before production of the MK4. The game came out extremely active, without losing the bloodiness of the MK, arenas, and characters are now completely three-dimensional, the aeromechanics of the fight is almost similar to the MK3, even FATALITY is found!!! A little about the plot - a lot of millions of years ago on Earth, a frigate of aliens, carrying immortal Ore, died on Earth. After many years, the fragments of the frigate and Ore are considered 10 standard people, whom acid-green Ore turns into gods of battle!!! "Veikih" warriors of the earth.

Batman: Arkham Origins (Rus / ENG) [Repack from Fenixx] / WB Games Montreal / (20…

Batman: Arkham City - PC Game of the Year Edition: There is no exodus from Arkham City, a burgeoning prison in the center of Gotham, which has become the haunt of the most heartless thugs and the sadly popular supervillains. The lives of the innocent are at risk, and only 1 man can save them and restore loyalty on the streets of Gotham ... Batman

Jimmy Ronny's Avatar: The Game (2009) PC

Spec Ops: The Line is a special 3rd-person film shooter that will force you to enter the confrontation not only with real opponents but even with your principles. Get ready to find yourself in the whole world, where there is no place for the opinion of "morality" and it remains everywhere to choose who will exist, who will die. Dubai was wiped out from the face of the earth by a terrible cataclysm.

An unprecedented sandstorm transformed a formerly magnificent city into ruins. And now, as the captain of the Delta Force Martin Walker, you will have to head to the neglected territory to find and bring home Colonel John Conrad.

Participate in a special operation and fight with rivals who are not afraid of even death. To live and achieve results, it will be necessary to apply different strategies for conducting a duel, a variety of true military equipment and individuality of the relief. Exclusive Dynamic Sand technology will be your great ally and sly foe. Sand doesn't care who is right, who is guilty a favorable volley can send silicon masses to the heads of your rivals, but the same thing can happen to you.

The personality of the game

  • Martin Walker's story does not just force you to choose between “right” and “necessary”.
  • The arena for the special operation will be the ruins of Dubai - a city that had previously sunk in luxury and is known as the most beautiful place on Earth. Everywhere, greatness is mixed with destruction, death is hidden inside the preserved elegant buildings.
  • A significant condition in the battles of Spec Ops: The Line is playing sand. A true salvo can often change the course of the fight radically. The sands of Dubai are life-like — this mad and unforeseen power can both help you and ruin you.
  • Even in the hottest shooting, the partners controlled by the synthetic mind will always be around.
  • An interesting storyline campaign is enhanced by various network modes, including both the best views and exclusive versions, coupled with the formation of the main storyline. You can pick up one of the two sides of the incident, animate your hero and adjust it to your image of the game.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct v (Rus / ENG) [+1 DLC] [Repack from F…

The Walking Dead: The Game - adventure with elements of "horror." The plot illuminates the adventures of a fresh team of "survivors" who reasonably set out to run away from Atlanta in the light of the zombie invasion. Take a look at what happened in the first days of the sudden apocalypse, and participate in events that in any case intersect with the adventures of Sheriff Rick Grimes.

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