Why e-Liquid 100 VG is the Better Choice for You

Posted by johnhrq on August 6th, 2019

One of the difficulties that vapers can experience is finding e-liquids that are completely organic. Completely organic e-liquids are 100 VG, meaning they are made with 100 percent vegetable glycerin.

For as difficult as it can be to find organic vape juices on the market, the search may be worth it once you realize the benefits that high VG e-liquids or Eliquid 100 VG give you. Today, we will look at why high VG e-juices are the right choice for you.

Vegetable glycerin is already naturally sweet, so it can make fruit and dessert flavors enhanced. Having a natural sweetener like VG means that there is no need for artificial sweeteners like PG or propylene glycol. PG lacks natural sweetness and needs to have artificial flavors and sweeteners added to really give the taste that customers have come to love. It can make customers drawn to eliquids 100 VG or of high VG content because of the natural sweetness.

e-Liquid 100 VG also gives you a better hit. This is especially necessary for people who are transitioning from traditional cigarettes and using vaping as a means to quit smoking. Using 100 VG e-liquid is certainly the way to go to get the same sensation. Using a pure VG base gives you more of a pure nicotine experience and that gives you a better mouth, lung and throat hit as you vape.

VG also has a much longer lasting effect than PG. VG produces a thicker vapor and a fuller flavor that lingers. e-Liquid 100 VG doesn’t get diluted since there are no other ingredients other than the natural sweetener and flavors, so the flavor becomes more present in the vaping experience.

Finally, there is less risk of having an allergic reaction using 100 percent VG e-liquid. Many manufacturers take PG e-liquids and dilute it with VG liquid to reduce the risk for an allergic reaction for their customers. Vapers who have used a PG based e-liquid can also experience symptoms like difficulty breathing or a sore and irritated throat from using e-liquids, only to go back to pure VG e-liquid and see those potential problems disappear.

Natural is always best for the body, so the more you can get an all-natural e-liquid that uses real flavors and no artificial sweeteners that can cause these problems, the better it will be for you.

When you need to get the best organic e-liquid on the market, turn to Smax E-Liquid. Smax has six original flavors of e-liquid that comes in variation of nicotine content and is made from a 90 percent VG base, giving you a more natural flavor, better hits and longer-lasting taste.

Smax presents their flavors in the Smax Bible, the collection of the six original flavors that include fruit and dessert based profiles. These flavors are all inspired by friends of the founder of the company and each has a story behind it that inspired the flavor.

You can also choose to get just the three fruit flavors or the three dessert flavors in package deals if you crave the delicious natural taste of fruit and berries or if you have a sweet tooth you need to satisfy. No matter which flavor you choose, you will get a natural and great tasting e-liquid that gives you the sensation you want with the benefits that make organic e-liquids stand out. With Smax, it’s more than just organic e-liquids, it’s premium quality that the vape community demands.

Be sure to try the many flavors from Smax E-Liquid and find your favorite that inspires you the way it did for the Smax team.

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