Awareness about Umrah rituals

Posted by Ady on August 6th, 2019

Though Umrah is non-obligatory Ibadah which is performed by those pilgrims who are financially and physically proficient. The Messenger of God said that Muslims should make sure their physical appearance in the House of Allah (SWT) once in a life. If someone has not to approach to perform it then he/she should arrange some other supplications such as Salat ul Tasbih, or other additional Salah (prayers).

The abundant virtues of supplications reward of Hajj or Umrah. As about Salat ul Tasbih the Messenger of God said Muslims should perform Salat Al-Tasbih once a day, if not possible then every Friday, if not possible then once in a month and even this is not possible then once a year. And if they could not perform the mentioned days, perform once in a lifetime. This non-mandatory Ibadah removes earlier all sins of man likewise Umrah.

Thus, before going to Umrah the pilgrims must consult with Umrah agents on a reliable platform of to get to know the complete information of pilgrimages such as Miqats, Ihram, Tawaf, and certain spots, etc. Since they are supposed to enter in the Holy Sanctuary of Makkah which is a very sensitive zone, so they must remain conscious.

Their identical particulars such as visa and passport must be valid otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the boundary of Makkah. Since Makkah is the peaceful sanctuary as Allah (SWT) ordered His Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to make it sacred from prohibited things.

The reason behind strictness is obviously the most delicate area of the Makkah so that no erroneous incident could happen. In the older days, some wrong incidents have occurred which caused the great loss. So, from that time the Saudi Government has generated strict rules to enter in the Makkah boundary in order to make sure the real identification and vice versa.

However, Umrah must be contained pure Niyyah (Intention) for deliverance. While showing-off will remove all the virtues as several people waste the reward of Umrah to realize themselves most religious prominent before the other folks. Allah (SWT) rains of blessing on them who earn virtues extremely hidden ways.

Let’s see the complete information about the rituals of Umrah which must be implicit before proceeding Umrah by the pilgrims.

• Before entering the Holy City of Mecca, pilgrims should wear the Ihram.
• Pilgrims should do Niyyah for Umrah as they offer before the prayer.
• Do Istilam. Either pilgrim kiss the Blackstone or touch (or pointing is enough in case of crowed)
• Make sure the seven circumambulations (Tawaf) as anti-clockwise around the Holy Kaaba.
• During the Tawaf Salah (prayers) are not allowed, yet some of the supplications might be performed likewise reaching in Makkah through Islamic Travel tours.
• Pilgrims must include the Hateem while Tawaf, actually it is a semi-circle section originally formed the part of Kaaba.
• Pilgrims should cover their right shoulder till the end of iddtibaa.
• Pilgrims should offer two short prayers after the completion of Tawaf at Maqam-e-Ibrahim.
• Pilgrims should perform seven circles at Safa & Marwa hills to Sa’y.
• After Sa’y males pilgrims should shave their heads and females pilgrims should cut their hair just one or two centimeters.

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