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Posted by ajoyepower on August 6th, 2019

The waterproof battery product is all about the various waterproofing requirements which are inclusive of the battery integrated material system where it is designed to be of suitable waterproof depth of the battery products and the power supply system.

The waterproof battery has a lithium battery pack solution design where it has a lifespan of over 1000 cycles and the waterproof depth is of 100 meters. The working temperature ranges between -20 C and +60 C. It is further inclusive of the intelligent algorithm and various security protections where the security is of superior performance and is VO fireproof. The product system consists of the anode material, cathode material, electrolyte, and graphene.

So in order to consider choosing the waterproof battery product, you should look out for the below few things.

1. Lifetime: It is said that a battery, in general, has two lifetimes, i.e. the total life of a battery and the charge life of a battery. The charge life of the battery is nothing but the potential energy which will rise up with each charge cycle. The total life is regarded as the number of charge cycles which will be supported by the battery without being exhausted.

2. Durability: Durability or the performance of the battery is regarded

as the key factor while you are choosing the battery. The performance of the waterproof battery product is commonly influenced by the physical external factors, which includes humidity, temperature, magnetic field, temperature, and many more.

The advantage of a lithium battery includes:

1. Zero maintenance: The batteries used in inverters require the addition of distilled water on a frequent basis but the Lithium batteries do not require any of the top-ups.  They do not need virtual maintenance apart from just dust cleaning and checking up on the cable.

2. Light weight: The Lithium-ion batteries are said to be lighter than any other batteries. If used in golf carts or cars, it can be moved on a comfortable speed. These batteries are the best automobile waterproof batteries.

3. Environmental friendly: These batteries are said to be eco-friendly where it can be recycled easily by replacing it. This will, in turn, decrease the damage of footprint on the environment.

4. Long-lasting: As you know, every battery has a total life and a charge life. A Lithium battery is said to have a better charge life where it can last longer and can also have a better ability to hold the charge.

5. The temperature will not affect the battery life: There are few batteries which are susceptible to the changes in the external temperature. It can be either cold or hot climate. The lithium-ion batteries can remain neutral and is a safe option to consider for both outdoors and indoors and also in any type of temperature vulnerabilities.

6. There will be no acid spill risk: The acid or alkaline batteries are filled up with the corrosive acids but when it comes to lithium-ion batteries, there are no risks.

If you require an automobile waterproof battery which has fast battery charging technology in China then you can consider Ajoy Power.

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