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Posted by John Smith on August 6th, 2019

The importance of design is sometimes questioned by some business owners and entrepreneurs.
Many of them believe that design means making bold and beautiful products or investing in communication materials, graphic design and Farming websites design.
In fact, the importance of design goes far beyond communication and aesthetics.
Design is the discipline responsible for idealizing every conception of a product or service, including its design, choice of materials, production methods, economic and environmental sustainability, user usability, wear and tear, ergonomics, colors, textures, beauty, aesthetics and, moreover, can engage in communication by creating logos, packaging and other advertising pieces.
As you have realized, design is important in various sectors and stages of your business.
It is better to pay even more attention to it:
And so you no longer have any doubt how important design is for both creating and maintaining and growing a business, we at have put together 8 good reasons to believe it.
1. Innovation:
Design, by definition, promotes innovation and seeks the best solutions for your products and services. This means your offerings to the market will always be in line with consumer wishes in a new and surprising way.
2. Communication:
The importance of design in communication is a consensus for most entrepreneurs. After all, a designer who correctly develops the visual identity of his brand will be able to convey his differences and positioning in the most appropriate way for the public to identify with your business, generating a more solid and true relationship.
3. Product Design:
Your company can have an amazing logo and invest fortunes in marketing, communication, social networking and CRM software.
But if your product or service has not been properly designed and doesn't offer the public what it promises, it will be difficult for your business to succeed.
4. Web design:
It is responsible for creating the best virtual interfaces between consumers and your company, providing a pleasant shopping experience.
5. Graphic Design:
This is where your company's visual identity will be translated into pieces of communication such as advertisements, brochures, billboards and others, reinforcing the importance of design to promote your brand.
6. Process Design:
Responsible for organizing production steps and processes in the most efficient and effective way, adding value to the final delivery of your company to customers.
7. Software Design:
It uses information technology to facilitate the management, control, research and monitoring of your business administration in an agile, reliable and transparent manner.
8. Brand value:
Design is responsible for creating your company logo, it adds value to your brand as well as intangible benefits and values to your product.

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