Using the Right Security Measures on Your Wall

Posted by MasonMiller on August 6th, 2019

A wall is meant for a lot of things. Primarily, a wall is used to keep your house or property safe from any outside force. The wall on your house is a different set of walls which acts as the support and division on your house from the outside world. Anyway, when it comes to the wall surrounding your house you may need to put the right security measures around it. While the wall can be high and sturdy, skilled people can climb up the wall and still intrude your house but you don’t have to settle for that.

Different Protective Measures You Can Use On Your Wall

  1. You can use some of those cameras that you can put on the corners of the wall. Anyone wouldn’t be that brave to tread through a wall when there are cameras around. It gives them an impression that someone can watch from the inside.
  2. You could also put a barbwire or some of those spikes on top of the wall. It makes climbing harder because the person would probably get pierced with these things when they try to climb up. Aside from barbwire, there are those that use glass shards. It may not be fancy but it can be effective.
  3. There are some that spend the extra money and pay for electrical wiring. There are those that put electrical fences but instead of a barbwire on top of the wall, you can have an electrical wire around it to shock any people from climbing up. There are even those that have no walls but have an electric gate.
  4. There are also those that put alarms on their wall. This means that if there is anyone trying to climb your wall, those alarms will sound off and you’ll be aware.
  5. You can also use anti climb paintthat you can put on your wall. 


What Is Anti Climb Paint And How Does It Work

  1. An anti climb paint is a type of paint that is sticky and slippery. You can use it like any regular paint where you can coat your wall with it. It looks like paint so if you plan on using it as an aesthetic tool then that can be doable. Want to know more about perimeter security? Find more information on this website.
  2. The paint makes it hard for a person to climb a wall. That’s because the paint is slippery and anyone touching it will slide down and fall.
  3. The paint also sticks on to the person’s skin and clothes. The paint is hard to remove and that can be helpful because it marks the person signifying that they were up to no good.
  4. Using it on a wall can be a good idea because as soon as the person starts climbing, they will already be alerted that it may be a tricky climb. Plus it gives you time to detect that there is someone trying to break in through your wall.
  5. It is a good security measure but keep in mind that is just paint. If the person doesn’t care about dirtying their clothes and would plan to invade your house, then this paint can only hold them off so far.
  6. You don’t have to paint the entire wall. You can just paint the top part to prevent the people from climbing up when the reached the top part as well.
  7. You would also need to put a sign where you put anti climb paint on it. This is just fair warning to some people and in some places, they require this as well.

Make sure to protect your wall from any potential invasion and other things that you want to keep out.

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