Main errors in the treatment of bullying in the classroom:

Posted by markwahl barg on August 7th, 2019

Bullying is one of the issues that most concern the educational community, parents and, following the appearance in the media of some especially serious cases, also society in general.

The prevention and solution of this problem require early and effective interventions. Of course from the classroom or school, but also in the family, social and, in certain cases, even tax and police. In this case, it is advisable to consult a cyberbullying expert.

As with all complex problems, those in which many factors and various types have an impact, bullying does not have a simple solution. From the outset, since they are acts that almost always occur out of sight of adults, in the corridors, recreation or around the centers, their detection is difficult, especially in the early stages.

But the difficulties of bullying do not end in its detection, the suspicions must be confirmed according to the different versions of the facts, often based on subjective perceptions.

Also, in cases of bullying law of silence tends to be imposed, so passive observers are very reluctant to collaborate to clarify the facts, either because of fear or because they are not aware of the seriousness and consequences of this type of acts.

Main errors in the treatment of bullying in the classroom:

Certain beliefs and attitudes should be avoided at all times by teachers and professors since, although they are made from good faith and the intention to solve the problem, experience has shown that they are counterproductive, and can complicate the situation instead of ending to the conflict.

Remove importance to the manifestations of the victim:

Related to the previous false beliefs, in the sense that it is "childish things", sometimes tends to ignore or minimize complaints of students who are suffering harassment.

Normally with these types of attitudes only achieved:

Aggravate the problem, postpone its resolution until irreparable consequences have already occurred, lose the confidence of the harassed and give the message that measures are not taken to the rest of the class and impunity to the aggressors.

Do not respect confidentiality:

It is very important not to reveal the identity of students who suffer harassment or confidants to avoid reprisals. Measures against stalkers should also not be discussed beyond those involved and their families.

Assign responsibility for the facts to the sufferer:

Although it seems paradoxical, sometimes the victim is presented as guilty, there are even unproven psychological theories based on the thesis that some students are harassed because of their personality, attitude or behavior.

Gather families together:

At least initially, until the facts are confirmed and from the center, the measures to be taken have been decided, it is advisable to meet separately. Also consult a good cyberbullying speaker is the great option.

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