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How Important Fire safety in Apartment Buildings

Posted by dreamflower on August 7th, 2019

Many fire incidents have occurred in the Cochin city that has wreaked havoc in the lives of people. Apartments and the other high-rise buildings are most affected and this is a cause of great concern. People living in flats in Kochi need to think ahead and be prepared in the case of a fire hazard. Residents and owners should be aware of fire safety in apartment buildings and join hands to keep the building secure.

The main causes of fire in flats are due to the less maintenance of the waste plant and the rising summer heat. In high rise apartment buildings, the smoke gets scattered within the building and never gets out. This increases the gravity of the situation. 

Many builders in Kochi have taken note of this and have already started taking steps to combat fire hazards.

Fire safety

Here are some tips from for fire safety in high rise apartment buildings to safeguard them during and after a fire accident:

Building Fire Safety systems

Builders should install fire detection systems and other safety measures in the apartment buildings. It’s good to have safety measures and be prepared every time. 

Be aware of evacuation plans

Quick evacuation saves lives in the case of fires! All residents in flats should learn about the evacuation plan of the apartment building and have regular plans put in place according to the requirements. They should know for sure about the stairs and the exit ways from the building.

Fire Safety Sessions and Fire Drills

In apartments, fire safety sessions & Fire drills should be held at least once every six months so that residents will know how to use fire-fighting devices.

Keep emergency contacts saved

Save emergency contacts of the fire department, hospitals nearby in your mobile and tag them properly, so that you can easily find these numbers in case of an emergency.

Do’s and Don’ts in a Fire Emergency:

  • Urgently call the Fire Department and Ambulance.

  • Alert everyone quickly and move them towards the fire exit

  • Make use of the stairs instead of the lift.

  • During the evacuation ensure to feel doors for heat before opening them.

  • Stay low to the ground, especially your head, to reduce inhalation exposure in case of smoke exposure.

  • Prevent smoke and fire from getting into your room by using towels, blankets or spare clothes to block the gaps in the door if you are trapped in your room or building during the fire. 

  • Don’t panic or run if you catch fire on your clothes. It will only make the fire burn faster causing more injuries or burning. Roll on the ground to help extinguish the fire.

Never panic during a fire breakout! Just follow these steps and instructions from the authorities during natural disasters. Make it a point to check with your builder for the fire safety measures. 

Stay safe and happy!

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