The Best Android Funny Games

Posted by annil chauhan on August 7th, 2019

 Top 9 funny games for Android Mobile

Top 9 funny games for Android Mobile. Classroom funny game: The Best classroom funny game. Drunk Clank – funny game: Everyone does not like to go to this dentist's office because there is a Drunk Clank in it. Ant Smasher free game: Smash ants with your finger in this great game

#1. Drunk Clank

Drunk Clank. The bar closes after 3 minutes, and Klank is almost sober. Help him drink a little more, and stay sitting at the bar for a longer time, so that the bartender does not throw out an alcoholic who can no longer sit evenly before the bar closes. In this flash game, the more you drink and the longer you can keep your balance in the chair, the more points you get. You roll on the floor - you lose points earned. Help the poor fellow get home tipsy.

#2. Darts: Crazy Wheel

Darts: Crazy wheel is a sports game in which you need to throw darts at a spinning wheel with targets. A guy is tied to the wheel, and if he is not accurate, he will have a hard time. The flash game offers two victims - fat and thin. If you hit a target, you earn points - the closer the dart is to the center, the bigger the bonus. When all targets are hit, the wheel starts spinning faster and hitting targets will be harder. Aim at the cursor and shoot the left mouse click. The number of darts at the level is limited. You can also play Pubg pc download free full version right now free which recently released for low-end devices

#3. Do not mess with Putin

Do not joke with Putin (English don't mess with Putin) - a free comic arcade game that will surely surprise many players. As president of the Russian Federation, you will need to stabilize the country's economy in a very unusual way. Catch promises, bribe protesters and the media, invest in utilities, modify your vehicle and do much more - all this will allow you to quickly bring economic indicators to the 146% promised once. Control: Mouse - launch, Arrows - balance, X - airplane, Crockett engine.

#4. Snapper 2

Snapper 2 (eng. Booger rush 2) - the continuation of a logic game with a ballistic slant. At this time, your "charges" you will need to hit not only inanimate objects but also the various characters that are nearby. Initially, you only have to calculate the trajectory and force of the throw to complete your task, but over time, this free game will have many obstacles and mechanisms with which you will have to interact to reach the target and hit it. As before, the number of attempts at hit directly affect the number of bonuses received, so we advise you to save them as much as possible. Control: Mouse.

#5. Christmas surprises

New Year's surprises (Eng. New year slacking) - a cool game for everyone who fools around at least once, being attached to some serious business. Like many children, the heroine of this free game does not bring pleasure to the company of his music teacher in New Year's Eve. That is why she decides to commit extravagant acts. pname com facebook orca, while the teacher does not see, you will have to play the drums, eat the cake, run the balloons, draw the picture, assemble the puzzle and, of course, congratulate all the friends in the social netw9ork. Control: Mouse.

#6. Popcorn

Flash game Popcorn. Two cute aliens love popcorn. They decided to watch a movie together, but one of them fell asleep. Now his snoring interferes with a friend. So he decided to play an interesting game. We need to make sure that as much popcorn as possible gets into the sleeping hero's mouth. Press the left mouse button, thereby controlling the force of the throw. Remember, to make a successful throw, you must wait until the sleeping alien opens its mouth strongly.

#7. White Christmas

White Christmas is a hoax game that will allow you to successfully make fun of your friends on holidays, offering, at first glance, a harmless flash game. After starting it, you will need to try to warm the glass with your finger (mouse control) as quickly as possible and in no case stop. Sometimes after you begin to fulfill all the conditions, a very unusual and terrible surprise awaits you.

#8. Championship drunk drivers

In the competition, you should try to drive drunk without hitting the neighboring cars and not drive off the road. Since you are driving a car while intoxicated, it is difficult to drive a car, and it must always be kept on the road and at a safe distance from other cars. To be able to drink, even more, you first need to drive at least 100 km to get bronze. Further control will become even more difficult. To control the flash game, use the "space".

#9. Naughty Women's Club

Naughty Sorority Club is a logical game that will appeal to men first of all. Combining various items, your hero will be able to have a lot of fun playing the girls living in the women's dormitory. To complete the level, you need to guess all the combinations to get the maximum points. You can control the actions of the hero with the help of a standard manipulator. Gameplay features are sparkling jokes, which in a flash game are presented in quite a large number.

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