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Posted by staycleangta on August 7th, 2019

Frequent cleaning of furniture with a watery wet piece of cloth not only leaves stains on it but also water if penetrates deep into the paint would leave it to wrap up thus impacting its appearance.  Conversantly, cleaning of upholstery falls under careful cleaning with a number of restrictions which should be stringently followed to ensure its prolonged subsistence. Opting professionals for furniture cleaning services not only ensure a quality clean but also in the least time to save on both time and effort. Usually, upholstered furniture comes with tags that dictate its restrictive washing suing only a certain type of material. These tags are mentioned with some four letters which significantly convey respective messages.

  • S -No water. You’ll need to purchase a special solvent-based cleaner
  • W - You can clean this material using water
  • X - Vacuum only
  • WS - You can use water or a solvent-based cleaner on this sofa

Why to clean furniture regularly?

It would be nothing new to state that furniture fabric traps dust, dirt, dog’s hair, hair strands, and pollens. Also, accidental liquid spills and pieces of foodstuff make it look shabby and filthy to use. This arises with the requirement of regular cleaning of furniture. But treating it regularly with harsh products or water would impact its life and appearance adversely. This brings in the need of approaching the best carpet cleaner who can treat it with quality product material and adequate equipment for reliable and conducive cleaning.

When do you need professional cleaning services?

Though cleaning is a self-done job and people prefer it doing on their own but at times calling for professional support becomes the most feasible option. Such services are utilized mostly by working women who lack time, or pregnant ladies who cannot make such intense efforts or those who lack access to quality washing products

How to get it washed?

Depending upon the fabric type, the type of cleaning varies. Fort example if it is a soft fabric with dark color, one should watch out that the color should not be transferred from it, also it should not be washed with products containing bleaching agents. Using eco-friendly and harmless solvents would enhance the life of the fabric. Usually, the most approached cleaning method is steam cleaning which is suitable for all fabric types followed by deodorizing and sanitizing. Also if a simple vacuum gives it a clean appearance, avoid getting it washed, yet sanitization should be preferred. Hot water extractor or steam cleaner is the most efficient tool to get rid of filthy spots from upholstery and to make it appear timeless again.

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