Final Fantasy XIV brings Moonfire Faire this month

Posted by xiayumin on August 8th, 2019

August 7th to August 26th

Final Fantasy XIV likes to bring a steady stream of surprises to loyal fans and offers incredible quarterly patches, this patch is full of new content such as dungeons, raids, and other goodies (here, 5.1, will welcome A 24-person raid on the theme of NieR). But between these large deliveries, we also got some interesting little surprises, such as Moonfire Faire, which will return to the Eorzea field this month.

Moonfire Faire is a content that was very popular among players. This time, its return has made many old players feel very excited and can gain more attention from FFXIV Gil new players. However, we do not know that this return is the same as before or brings a lot of new content, we are very curious.

Starting today at 8 am on August 26, you can participate in the celebration of the Limsa Lominsa upper deck (11.5, 13.8), including simple daily tasks and rewards, such as the above-ground swimming pool, lovely summer shopping cart, a poster, There are also a bunch of clothes like Moogle and Namazu masks.

If you are a new player close to level 30, please go to Final Fantasy 14 Gil the above location to complete the task. These tasks are very interesting and can provide you with free cosmetics, giving you something you have always wanted to try to reach a new level of 80. Don't rush to success! Most of the fun of "Final Fantasy XIV" is to experience happiness in the journey.

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