Global Powertrain Control Module Market Valued at .53 Billion as of 2018

Posted by industryarc on August 8th, 2019

The rise in population and an increasing number of automobiles globally is influencing the powertrain control module market. Owing to the change of preference of PCM over fossil fuel, there is an increase in demand for powertrain control module (PCM). The PCM market revenue was valued at .53 billion in 2018, and the demand for the same is estimated to grow at a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.19% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025, according to a market intelligence report by IndustryARC’s analyst.

The report is titled “Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Market: by Fuel Type (Gasoline, Diesel, Alternative Fuels, CNG, LPG); Vehicle Type (Passenger, Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles) - Forecast (2019-2025).” It documents that the automobile sector is booming due to which the vendors in the global powertrain control module market are reaping more revenues.

Global Powertrain Control Module Market: Demand Analysis and Growth Forecast
Powertrain control module is considered as the brain of automotive. It is an electric device which controls the main function of the automotive vehicle. It consists of the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and Emission Control Unit (ECU). Due to these factors, the RPM of the vehicle is increased, and it significantly enhances the efficiency of the vehicle. This device is found in every vehicle, and hence, it is required in every automobile manufacturing unit. This creates an immense demand influx in the PCM market.

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Global Powertrain Control Module Market: Leading Segments
APAC PCM market held the regional share of 27.14% as of 2018. There is an increasing demand by the customers which is leading to growing investments in the PCM market. Owing to the constant increase in the heavy, commercial, and passenger vehicles in countries like China and Australia, the demand for PCM module is constantly increasing. Eventually, people are spending more on these vehicles and are generating need in the market.

However, the key application segment is engine and transmission in the global powertrain control module market as analyzed by the IndustryARC’s market expert. The application is poised to grow at a healthy CAGR of 7.65% during the aforementioned forecast period. This is predominantly because of the fact that powertrain control module is an integral part of the engine and transmission as it works in close conjunction with a network of sensors.

Global Powertrain Control Module Market: Market Drivers and Trends
· Electrical PCM Thermal Heating System
When the electric vehicle is parked, there is a remarkable thermal losses. However, PCM is used for enhancement of high-performance insulation system, which reduces the thermal losses. E-PATHS helps in providing thermal energy to heat up the electric vehicle, which can cover one day’s commute. This trend is gaining prominence in the PCM market.

· Solar PCM for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Solar PCM’s have better battery management along with maximum power extraction wherever and whenever possible from the photovoltaic panels. Due to depleting fossil fuels, most of the vehicles are powered by electricity or solar power for internal combustion. However, they are cost-efficient and ecofriendly that drives the demand influx in the PCM market.

· Modular Powertrain Software Control Solution
Recently, AVL has committed to deliver a modular powertrain software control system solution to meet the customer’s demand for better vehicle performance and emission. This has gained immense prominence in the PCM market.

· Catanium Clean Emission System
Recently, the companies have started to focus more on catanium clean emission system which is an advanced catalyst technology. It reduces the dangerous emission of carbon monoxide and keeps the environment clean and less polluted. Owing to the augmented emphasis on environment protection, this trend is disrupting the powertrain control module market.

Global Powertrain Control Module Market: Competitive Landscape
Some of the key companies identified in the report that are currently holding majority shares in the global powertrain control module market are Continental AG, Denso Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric, General Motors, AB Volvo, Hyundai KEFICO, AVL Engineering Company, Honda, Mitsubishi Electric, FTP Industrial, and Hitachi Automotive System.

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