Benefits of custom garden furniture

Posted by basshopper on August 8th, 2019

Furniture is a product that is not the same as other types of products. Is not able to stock up Because it depends on fashion In combination with Thai people, we often do not give much importance. The use of furniture must be considered appropriate. Durable style And another important thing is If there is not a director Will buy furniture in a beautiful style, while the quality may not be considered But if there is a good position, the furniture chosen will be the style that has been decorated. And designed by the interior decorator Which is expensive, the characteristics of the current furniture market can be considered as an informal market because most furniture production depends on the needs of customers Production for export is not yet extensive.


To meet the different needs of different consumers of garden furniture In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies tend to follow the current trend of furniture for furniture production. R&D from simple market research However, the furniture produced by this model does not meet the requirements. Means that style cannot meet personal preferences Custom marketing divides the market into individual and garden furniture designs according to individual needs. Consumers are one of the garden furniture designers. According to personal needs, can meet certain requirements, such as color matching, individual specifications and so on.

Reduce inventory backlog in the traditional marketing model, furniture companies reduce the cost of products through large-scale production to maximize profit When the market encountered a slight shock, the production of such large garden furniture would result in sales that could not be sold or the remaining resources had resulted in the loss of resources. And custom marketing will depend on consumer orders almost without inventory and accelerating cash flow.

Reduce marketing costs: In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies tend to drive sales through advertising and building store promotions to occupy the market, which is costly. As long as the garden furniture is reliable and the price is reasonable, custom furniture can be sold smoothly. In the custom market, manufacturers directly reduce consumer sales and reduce costs.

Helps accelerate product development: Under the traditional marketing model, designers of many furniture companies are behind closed doors. But they only carry out product development from a simple market survey The design of garden furniture has great limitations and is difficult to meet the needs of the people. In custom designs, designers have many opportunities to easily communicate with consumers, so it is easy to know the needs of consumers and can develop products that are close to the needs of consumers.



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