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6 Signs That You Need Oven Cleaning

Posted by seanbutlermarketing on August 8th, 2019

Ovens are like any other kitchen appliance; they need regular cleaning and maintenance to work efficiently. Most homeowners don't get their ovens inspected and cleaned often enough to ensure there are no lingering debris and a risk of fire. The best way to avoid problems is to keep an eye out for signs. This article explains all of the signs that indicate your oven needs clean:


1. Smoke from the Oven

A properly functioning oven will never emit any kind of smoke. You will only see smoke if there's enough debris inside the oven to burn and generate smoke. Food particles, accumulated soot, grease, and other such compounds are flammable and can be a significant fire hazard. Stop using the oven if you see smoke, especially dark smoke, coming from the appliance. You should only start using it after it is thoroughly cleaned by a professional.


2. Soot from a Gas Oven

Soot occurs if there's carbon monoxide leakage within the oven, which is dangerous and a fire hazard. Don't use the oven if there's soot and immediately call a professional for an inspection. Just cleaning the oven isn't enough as you will need to repair the underlying problem. An expert professional will carry out thorough oven cleaning in Esher and then examine the appliance carefully. They will fix the leak and make sure the oven works well before calling their work done.


3. Bad Odours

Food and grease residue can pile up and start emitting a foul smell. This odour can penetrate the food items and ruin their aroma. If your food doesn't smell right, you need to clean the entire oven and remove all the residue. Professional cleaners use the best cleaning solutions and expert techniques to ensure the odours don't linger.


4. Bad Flavour

If your oven is unclean, your food won't cook efficiently and the brunt grime will influence the flavour. This is especially noticeable in ingredients that have a delicate or neutral flavour, which is why it is a good idea to make sure your oven is as clean as it can be if you want to get the best taste.


5. Longer Pre-Heat Time

Older ovens take longer to pre-heat, but that's not always the case. Sometimes the accumulated grime can make your oven work harder and longer to reach the ideal temperature. Get your oven professionally cleaned and check whether the pre-heat times improve before trying to replace the appliance. You will save some money and extend your oven's lifespan by a few more years.


6. Dirty Oven Window

Oven windows allow you to see the food baking inside and check whether it is ready. If you can't see anything, the surface grime on your window is too thick and should be cleaned up immediately. While you can simply clean the window to see the food clearly, it is a good idea to get the entire oven cleaned at this point.

If you want expert oven repairs in Surrey, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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