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Posted by mark on August 8th, 2019

Pressure Gauge and Thermowell are important instruments to be used in industries. We are one of the best Thermowell manufacturerswho build original high-quality products.

Industries need high quality and authentic equipment. They rely on the equipment that is long-lasting. We are well-known manufacturers out there and we are manufacturing the best industry equipment for a long time.

The Pressure Gauge is important equipment used for measuring pressure. It can be used with any other equipment that operates on liquid or gas. They are very suitable to be used in corrosive environments, and for mediums like liquid and gas.

The Pressure Gauge is used in several industries. Chemical/ Petrochemical, mining, power stations, environmental technology, mechanical engineering are the main industries where pressure gauge is used. If you own a factory in these sectors, don’t look further as we are the Best Pressure Gaugemanufacturer and we can assure that you would be happy with our products and services.

Types of Pressure Gauge we manufacture -

We manufacture different types of pressure gauges that are used for a different purpose. They are listed below with their key specifications –

  1.        4.5’’ Process Pressure Gauge

ü  It is made from high quality 316 stainless steel and ½” NPT

ü  It is equipped with a safety glass window

ü  It has POCAN solid front and an adjustable pointer

ü  It has an Aluminium made dial with black and red markings

ü  It calculates pressure units accurately

ü  It can also be built to equipped with liquid-filled case and socket restrictor to use in high dynamic pressure vibration

  1.        Oil Filled Pressure Gauge 

ü  Designed explicitly for sour gas

ü  Made from stainless steel

ü  Made to meet your different requirement

ü  Comes in different models 

  1.        Sprinkler Service Gauge 

ü  Suitable for mediums like air and water

ü  Approved by Factory Mutual (FM)

ü  Comes with corrosion-resistant case

ü  Best for monitoring percussion level

ü  Used for mainly in cooling and purification

ü  It is capable of monitoring pressure in extreme conditions

  1.        Contractor Gauge 

ü  Provides Accuracy

ü  Comes with Zero adjustable screw

ü  Used for commercial air and stem services

Industrial Thermometer Thermowells are a very critical part of thermometric units. Thermowells are used to provide protection, it saves the thermometer from severe differences. You are highly recommended to use Thermowells as they can increase the performance of industrial thermometer and keep them in good working condition. They are commonly used in pipes and hot water lines.

Types of Thermowells we manufacture

Thermowells are a significant part of any industry where temperature monitoring is required. We are a reputed Thermowell manufacturersand all our products are fully functional and built with high precision.

  1.        Industrial Thermometer Thermowell

ü  Allows you to replace thermometers easily

ü  Protects thermometer from external exposure perfectly 

  1.        Bimetal Thermometer Thermowell 

ü  It performs well under conditions like high-temperature pressure

The Thermowells are designed elegantly so that you feel comfortable to operate it. You do not need to shut down your system completely for the replacement of thermometer. The operation can be done simply by changing it without valve shutting and closing.

These industrial products are built with modern technology and are then passed with many tests to ensure that they are fully working and error-free. Feel free to contact us if you need The Best Pressure Gaugefor your different purpose, we will also assist you further in best way possible.

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